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Thread: Help Bluebird Problems..

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2008-06-03 23:39:22
Originally Posted by 91serturbo
what gauge is under the hood in the vid? if that is a fuel press tester then your fuel pump is junk.

if it is a vac gauge were is it connected to?

thats the fuel gauge... its steady at 60 now though,, but i still gotta keep it at that to make the car drive....
2008-06-04 01:01:41
that problem my friend seems like ur tps. i have the similar problem and my comp is throwing the tps code. the car is dumping too much fuel at idle.
2008-06-05 00:09:39
how much is a new tps? how do i replace it??

car is still over heating, i have both fans running constantly and no thermastat, so im thinking it could be my radiator...
any ideas anyone?
2008-06-05 00:15:38
a new tps can run over 100 from the dealer...i found a website online that sells them new for 75 i think. also ur car might be overheating due to air in the radiator...open the cap and let the car run..and constantly fulling the raditor.(it will bubble a lot) also is ur fans pushing or pulling? also the tps is not hard to change but it can be a pain in the rear to adjust perfectly. pm me if u need any info on how to change it and caliberate it.
2008-06-06 20:01:18
i think the fans are pullin im gonna make sure today if you can pm me the site for the tps so i can save 25 bucks, lol and i think i had the same problem from b4.. but that time one fan was off, and the radiator was not full all the way when i took the cap off, this time both fans were full fluid was full to the top and had some ova flow left over in the container... im check on that though
2008-06-06 20:14:38
Your car is overheating because you don't have a thermostat! You need to install a thermostat PRONTO. The thermostat is there to help keep the coolant in the radiator a little bit longer to help promote cooling. (Think of it as a resistor.) If you don't have the t-stat installed, the coolant just keeps flowing as fast as the water pump will allow, and water wont stay in the radiator long enough to cool down at all.
2008-06-12 18:38:39
any updates on your car ? did you get it running better?
2008-06-17 03:00:39
well its been running pretty decent lately, it boggs when the car is cold and then runs good once its warmed up..... still have the fuel pressure high as hell cause it wont run unless its so..... i tried checking the voltage from the tps but i dunno if it was cause i didnt know how to use the volt meter or was my tps just not giving off the voltage...
but really its just suffering massive turbo lag... gotta redo the piping...gotta find a bolt for my front motor mount lol and get a t28 turbo.... well thats pretty much the rundown....it overheats on really hot days but when its cool out no problem... gonna try and work on it this weekend.. wat bout u man how ya beast running
2008-06-17 05:10:24
Originally Posted by Dbarnett88
I like the Mario ft. Lil Wayne - I can hear you heart (remix) playing in the background.. haha

2008-06-17 22:38:33
^^^^^^did anyone get his album??^^^^^^^
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