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Thread: VET build Pics.

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2008-05-23 23:36:33
VET build Pics.
Tons of pics and video added!

I started putting the motor together. I didn't have a whole lotta time, just a couple hours. But I started by filing the piston rings. The top ring needed some filing to get .017 and the second ring was already pretty big at .023"!
Wow. Anyway, piston to wall clearance was set at .0045-.005" which hopefully won't be too loud. I hope to get a lot more mileage out of this build.

Anyone wanna take a wild guess at what power level is expected for this build? I will be running 1.1 bar as the stock spring pressure. Check sig for mods.
2008-05-23 23:41:00

2008-05-23 23:41:11
Car should make some real good power.

I wil say it should make 400-425 whp at about 15 psi if not more with a good tune.
2008-05-23 23:43:33
^^^^ Check out them rods baby! You gotta pay extra for that special anodized look. And trust me, it will cost you haha.
2008-05-23 23:46:58
the fuzzy pic above the VET cams is a pic of the block mains. The holes were drilled out and inserts were put in. When we did the line hone for the mains the threads started coming out. I have no idea why, I have never seen this happen before, but needless to say we made sure the block would never have that problem again.
2008-05-23 23:59:38
Nice So the pistons are 8.5:1 in a VE? Which valve notches did they copy? Did JE assign a P/N?
2008-05-24 00:01:58
I will have to get the info for the pistons. But Greg V hooked me up with these. They have the sr16 notches but are larger in diameter and deeper. I don't believe there will be any interference issues with big lift cams. I am running the 11.3mm lift VET cams.
2008-05-24 01:34:44
thos chev heads are a little to close to them pistons.
what ls powerd veh do you have or is a cust car?
2008-05-24 01:53:18
very nice
2008-05-24 05:00:30
Those are out of a heavily nitroused supercharged customer's vehicle. He got a crank for his stroker kit that didn't have the pilot bearing hole drilled deep enough. Instead of finding the problem he decided to force the transmission on by cranking on the bolts until it went flush. It worked for a few miles haha. But when he torqued the transmission on the input shaft was forced into a shallow hole. The main caps were all cracked and the block was practically separated into two halves.

When it is back together it should run a mid 10 or so. Who knows how crazy he will get.

Housed in the shop is one of my good friends Celica all trac too. He just finished building the head today. He got oversized valves and we compared them to the stock VE valves. Same size haha. His head is beautifully polished and ported like crazy. GT42r, will be the fastest All trac in US.

I am hoping that .017" gap on the top ring is enough. The second ring gap is huge! They just came that way.
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