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Thread: VET build Pics.

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2008-07-02 04:49:30
lol cool, i ran mine on the newest Gtech out there with a friend in the car on 12psi on my same street tires my 0-60 was 4.90 1/4 mile was 13.00@115mph Thats with a friend in the car and about an 85* night, The tires just spin like crazy on the streets. I launched at around 3500 and just feathered it out to get rolling then punched it and speed shifted to 2nd and just let 2nd pound off the rev limiter then hit third spun a little then took off. ended 3/4 way through 4th which is just about right. Those things are pretty accurate. But bad thing was my 60' was 2.35 which sounds about right for how i was launching. This was on a pretty good road also. My 0-100 was 9.65 seconds My 0-110 was around 11.5 you can see where my power dies off in 4th, my 0-100 is quick but after that it really starts to fall on its face because the t25 just can hold boost any more than 12psi past 5500rpms.

Neways mine and yours seems pretty on par with each other. It would be interesting to see where your topend is at from 0-100 would probably be about even maybe me ahead but then i think you would start to pull me up top but its hard to say. Your car is sick man. We just took the de block and VE head to the machine shop to have the block sleeved with darton 90mm sleeves and deck surfaced. The head is getting checked over and already has port work done to it and port matched to the intake manifold. The BC dual springs and titanium retainers are being installed onto that. All my buddy has left to buy is the VE oil pump/front cover, Mazworx 90mm full grommet headgasket, and the custom 12:1 pistons with deeper valve reliefs cut. Will be using Franklin stage 3's set to +5-5 to begin with and go from there when tunning is done.

After that stuff i can go ahead and assemble the motor. A new thread will be posted once i recieve the block and head back. its going to be very pic heavy through the build. Im hoping once fine tunned to be around 245whp all motor and he wants to throw a 50 wet shot on top of it just for good measures. haha
2008-07-02 04:58:38
here are some other ones i took on a 100* day 12psi not too bad but pulls way harder in the evening.

2008-07-02 05:36:14
dude that car is nuts. You need to come up to utah and tell me what I am doing wrong. The car has a good pull, but damn. Your car is insane.

I wouldn't think that only 2-300lbs would make that much difference. My car's curb weight is around 2600 and is prob 2800 with me in it and a tank full of gas.

Would a lighter fly help at all? The car did seem faster with it in, but with this grippy of a clutch it was not very fun to shift so fast in everyday driving.
2008-07-02 05:44:06
my car came in at 2200 even, ive got no a/c at all even behind the dash, no p/s, no front bumper support, no rear bumper support, no heat sheilds under the car, no exhaust at all, that is good for 60 lbs alone. I have no sunroof, no ABS, and nothing in the trunk at all.

I would say put a lightweight flywheel on, im using a Fidanza 8.8lb flywheel with a ACT Extreem PP and 6 puck sprung, its really easy to drive even stop and go. I was using a 4 puck unsprung but it was getting worn out being i bought it pretty used to begin with but even that one wasnt hard to drive, The quick revs really does help. The car is gonna build boost a stock flywheel is only going to hurt you. The car is under the same load in whatever gear your in. You want the engine to make the most power which means less weight off the crank can do that.

I still want to get the Greg V crank and wp pulley set. Rev it up even faster, haha
2008-07-02 06:00:35
That's nuts. I had the lighter fly on there but with the lightweight internals it dropped revs insanely fast. Maybe when it is time to change the clutch I will put her back in. It is a JWT unit and it will need a new friction surface.
I have in my car now:

Full tool set, timing light. laptop, AC, PS, Big turbo, Big intercooler and exhaust, stock b14 sel wheels with nx2k brakes. Hmmm, 4 gallons of antifreeze (because of the bad radiator) 2 gallons of water, spare tire, car washing stuff, electrical wiring kit, timing light, 3 qrts of oil, a half filled oil drain pan with about 6 qrts in it. 3 bags full of CDs, various nuts and bolts, wideband o2 kit, and an amp.

About the only weight mod on the car is the cut up front bumper to fit the intercooler lol. Bumper beam still in place.

I bet I could save 60lbs by takin all the stuff out of my trunk haha!
2008-07-02 06:32:16
no i bet you could save more than that, lol thats a crapload of weight, it makes a slight difference. The revs do drop fast on my car but it doesnt really bother me, it doesnt die or bog so its all good. i catch it in the next gear before it really has a chance to get down too far and plus i will rev match as i let the clutch out which makes it smooth. Neways your build is awesome and i will try and get a better vid up but it was freakin 115* today and by the time i get off work it will still be almost 90 out. it sucks. That old vid at 8psi was done on a cool night too so it seemed really quick but even on a 100* day it pulls harder on 12psi than 8psi on a cold night. so cant wait for it to cool down again but by that time the t28 will be on so really cant wait. haha
2008-07-02 06:41:00
I guess the good thing is I can always up the boost to insane levels to make up for weight
2008-07-02 06:54:42
yeah i cant do that, haha if i wouldnt have had that lifter fail on my old motor i could have, CP 9:1 pistons with Cometic Headgasket. Stupid lifter. That was 600 bucks gone down the drain. oh well i guess you pay to play but geeze, haha
2008-07-03 03:54:56
I played with a new 08 bmw 335i. It was TURBO! I was like wow! That thing hit boost instantly it was incredible! The driver could actually drive it. It was a 6 speed for sure. We rolled up at a light and we took off real slow. He looks over and sees my UtahNissans sticker in the window and decides he wants to play. So he takes off around 20mph...

I caught him before 2nd gear was over. Turbo lag and all. It was intense. I just nailed 2nd and pulled up even with him and then we let off. We pull up at the next light and he was either giving me the finger, or thumbs up. I couldn't see through the tinted windows. But then his GF gets out and starts humping my car. I'm like wtf? And she starts screaming...

Well that last part never happened. But anyway. Just checking to see if you are awake.

Car and driver (liars) claim a 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds. I call BS. Their times always seem inflated to me. They got a 13.1 out of a stock STI and I have never seen one do that around here. Not even close. About the best I have seen is a 13.5-13.6 for a stock STI.

The new BMW was pretty slick. I was not expecting it to move like that. Not too bad.
2008-07-03 17:54:28
here are some more datascan results. 3rd gear pull. Air flow crossover for the VVL was at 5600rpm so that's where i need to switch the cam. max speed in 3rd at rev cut is 97.5 mph. WOW.

air flow maxed out at 4.52V! up .02V since last time. Only difference is mileage. Temp outside is hotter this time though. Which may prove what I thought all along. The car is getting faster.

Here is a simple layout of results at 7400-7500rpm.

Duty cycle at 7400rpm for injectors. 70.46.
Max air flow: 4.52
Max speed: 97.5 (with oversized tires so this should be around 100 or so)
TPS voltage 4.02V WOT
MAX timing: 22*btdc most runs hit 21* only.
MAX water temp: 199.4 on last run with leaking radiator.

What does it all mean basil?

Anyone know what this stuff is telling me that I don't know? I wish someone knew how much hp worth of air 4.52V on the Z32 maf was.
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