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Thread: VET build Pics.

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2008-06-24 06:23:33
I am at 4500ft. Air up here is thin. My buddy did 340whp on 18 or 20 psi in his srt4 with a 57 trim t3/t4 with a .63ar housing. But there are guys with DETs with gt2871r turbos around here that don't even pass 350whp on 18psi. Even with .86ar housings.

Plus the dyno around here reads about 15whp less than a dynojet, it is a Dynomite dyno. Their numbers are similar to mustang dynos.
2008-06-24 06:24:07
Double post. sorry.
2008-06-24 06:28:06
Originally Posted by Coheed
Double post. sorry.

no problem. i forgive you.
2008-06-24 06:46:29
lol, yeah that is definetly a big factor, reason why they have correction charts. Air is nice and thick here. Which also makes the summers bad and you walk outside when its 115 out and it feels like you just opened an oven. haha. But then again in the winter when its dry and about 45 deg out at night turbo cars love it, haha
2008-06-24 12:40:35
Yeah the elevation is going to play a big part ....I am about ready to put mine together , I have the bottem end finaly here , it has eagle rods , wesico pistons , arp mainstuds, ACL race berrings a micro polished crank and I am waiting on some AEBS head studs to put the head on , they should be here soon , I have the ARPs but they are not going on the car , and I am waiting on the O2 induction intake , I bought the AEM EMS last week , and I have the same turbo as you but the differant exhaust housing a LOVE FAB sidewinder for the turbo manifold , I am using 1000cc inj. and the car is supposed to be tunned on a mustang dyno which is supposed to net 7-10 % lower results then a dyno jet so we will see what the differant housing and manifolds make to a ve motor , I am not at see level either in the great lakes region , but hope to break 400whp around 14-16psi on pump and make around 500whp on race gas mixture

oh and I forgot you have the VET cams
2008-06-25 05:15:14
I redid all the heat wrap on the downpipe. No more melting AC hoses that is for sure. I mounted the NX radiator a everything looks good, but after getting on it really hard I noticed a bit of a coolant leak. It looks like it is coming from an extremely small crack in the top of the radiator. Shoot.

Well, I got some epoxy and I am going to pull the radiator forward and patch it up. It must have happened when I was putting it in, cause it was very very difficult. I had to go through the bottom because the turbo is in the way up top. Everything came out ok, but the NX radiator required removal of the downpipe in order to get it in.

I wrapped the Downpipe with 3 layers of Thermo Tec heat wrap and did the secondary up to the flex pipe in 2 layers. I wrapped all electrical wiring and rewrapped the turbo coolant lines finally. I only had to burn through 3 of those to finally get around to it.

car stays below the normal line, even when I get on it. Max temps even with the stock one never reached over 205*F.
2008-06-25 05:17:25
I took some measurements of the tune. Let me know what you guys think about this. My max voltage reading out of the Z32 MAF was 4.50V @ 7400rpm. If you can tell how much air this is flowing, then you would have a good idea of how much power I am making.

When I took the exhaust off today I noticed also that the cat had been completely wiped out. Gone. I guess it didn't like turbo very much. It must have gotten too hot and melted away or something? wierd huh? It is now officially a test pipe lol.
2008-06-25 10:12:51
glad to hear things are coming along, yeah cats dont last long under turbo, hell i went through 3 Catco High Flow cats on my old full bolt on N/A se-r before i finally decided hell and just gutted it instead of them replacing it again under warranty, no emissions where i was anyways. So i could care less and the power was there afterwards. Yeah mine just melted away and started clogging up the exhaust.
2008-06-25 18:00:38
DAMN you Jason! How come you gotta jinx me? Well, this radiator is garbage. I spent all day putting it in, but now I gotta pull it out. This sucks. Well, the good news is I can just buy a new one and put it in. It was a PITA to do though. I am confident the car will survive my GT live trip, the leak is extremely small and only leaks when I am on it hard. I got some epoxy put on there too so hopefully that helps. I will throw some RTV over it before I go and that should hold her.

I got my new AC line, but I will not be intalling it until the new radiator gets put in. I would hate to have to pull the line again. I can get a radiator with a 1" thick core brand new for prob $150 with a lifetime warranty. I am going to do that maybe this Saturday night after GT live.
2008-06-25 18:31:52
are the piston ur using specially made for the ve block, if not what size bore are these
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