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Thread: external wastegate help. please!

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2013-06-03 19:45:16
I will and I have top feed correct?
I will do the reasearch tonight, got to help sister move.
Ill be back on at 8.
Lynch or anyone that needs to reach me in the mean time text 3048884378
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2013-06-04 04:58:22
These wastegates have a few issues with locking open sometimes as well. Glad you got the valve seat in there. If the WG ever locks open on you, take it off and remove the screws from the diaphragm housing. there are 3 bolts under the diaphragm plate that back out after a while and lock the plate up. You have to red loctite them back into place and you should be good. I've used about 8-10 of these wastegates (before they got the water jackets) and they all had issues from those bolts coming loose. Fixed 'em all though and never had another issue.
2013-06-04 06:32:02
Thanks for the heads up man.
Got stuck over my sisters so ill have pics of the motor here tomorrow when I can get to my computer
2013-06-04 07:01:57

Got bored and did it the long way..

with looking through my old pictures and setups I think I have found me a temp solution for the manifold.

the white is where im having the wastegate flange placed.
I think this will work better than the current way I have things setup.
guy said itd be about a week to get it done but its free and worth the shot to me.
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2013-06-06 11:36:30

Thats how she looks so far this morning.
2013-06-06 12:15:50
boost spike heaven
2013-06-06 15:01:29
Originally Posted by Keo
boost spike heaven

why is that @Keo?

heres some updated pics from today.

this is temp changing out today with single line.

i also added the green spring 5psi for safety
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2013-06-06 15:02:56
Rwd manifold again huh?? Well at least this one should requires less fabrication to make it work than the other top mount type.
2013-06-06 15:33:54
Originally Posted by Scrildo
Rwd manifold again huh?? Well at least this one should requires less fabrication to make it work than the other top mount type.

oh yeah man the hood shuts and clears everything. thats what im most happy with.

i had it laying around the house.
I like the rwd 240 manifold pretty good.
It fits fine (to me) maybe not to others on here.
I had it cut and a flange welded on it to give it a shot since the work on my mani was free.
so it was worth my time to try it out since I had the car running great with it and a t28.
actually had it boosting 16psi for a good week. but i had that line leaking and it starved my turbos of oil. but I have that fixed now.
all thats left to do is get my exhaust welded back @4pm today and then we can see then AFR's
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2013-06-06 15:37:48
heres how its running with the 5psi spring. (like shit) {sorry my dad isnt use to boost so he didnt have a steady hand on the recording.}
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