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Thread: FX500 question before purchase.

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2015-02-11 02:07:24
Originally Posted by morgans432
Originally Posted by SE-Rican
Originally Posted by dorsey61
@SE-Rican what Action clutch are you looking at?
sorry to go off topic. But i had a CM fx500 in my car with 420whp and never felt it slip. I put about 4500 street miles on it.

Action Clutch sent me the 2MS for some testing. It's not mainly the HP that makes a clutch slip it's the torque. My car made 452 ft tq.

they must not expect results for a couple years haha

guys need to understand this clutch isn't really for the daily crowd although I have used it for that purpose I wouldn't recommend it. Clutchmaster states its for race use only. I will use them until I find a better option at this price point

LOL.... Car has to run 9's this season then it will sit forever and then some

Clutch Masters for the price is amazing.... I for one am avoiding a twin disk as much as I can so that's why I am trying different options. Also I am glad to test it for them. Should be fun.
2015-02-15 00:17:07
I have the 6 puck unsprung FX500.

OK so what people say about engagement is true. It's really easy to drive. You can slip it a little bit and it doesn't bite right away. No problem in stop and go traffic.

The only point I strongly disagree with what some people have said is pedal effort/feel. This thing is as stiff or more so than my ACT XTSS. I have a cable clutch. It's nowhere near stock pedal effort. About what you'd expect from a performance clutch on a cable pedal. Not complaining as it's about the same as my ACT clutch was, but don't want to mislead people.

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2015-02-15 00:30:58
Each clutch will feel a tad different.. my friend an I both had fx500 at same time an my pedal was slightly stiffer than his.. an my jwt ok was even a little stiffer then the fx..

Zens clutch was pretty soft too tho..
2015-09-14 22:42:41
bump from the past. I'm looking for a clutch for my 2000 GTI-R swapped motor. I was running my old spec clutch that I had on my ve.. and its slipping bad. So this will be a daily driver or at least 3 times a week. Travel about 80 miles each time stop and go sometimes. Either the FX500 or the Heavy Duty ACT. Any input guys? Its a street car not a 1/4 mile drag car. Will rarely see the drag strip but will be running who ever on the street.
2015-09-14 23:22:44
also would it be worth to look into the fx400 its more in price but will it last in the long run for a daily clutch. I don't plan on pushing more than 400whp 360wtq?
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