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Thread: Intercooler piping ideas

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2013-02-21 02:41:05
Originally Posted by Zeek234
Great example! I think that would be great, any others?

Since i will be using a blow off(for now), i also bought a simple "T" silicone hose adapter for a BOV, that has a universal BOV 25mm leg, placed it beteween the turbo and intake filter and then bought a straight reducer fitting, from 25mm to 16mm, to conect to the breather system, in my case an oil catch can...

So i can use that "t" for recirculation BOV, or for vaccum for the oil breathing system...

That´s another ideia for piping related problems...
2013-02-21 07:25:51
This job we did a couple of years back, on a B13 with an Avenir setup using an ebay GTi-R intercooler kit.

Most couplers are just holding for reference in the cutting process, it was all welded together after this. The car has a complete super saloon 4 fog bumper.
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2013-02-21 14:15:34
Originally Posted by Boostlee
Solution: Don't use cheap shit

Also, if you have the correct thread/Barbed fitting, I personally do not see a flow restriction??

I see your point about stripping threads however.

As you tighten the barb, the threads will start sticking into the intake flow path, this is especially true with any NPT threads since they are tapered.
2013-02-21 14:34:05
Here are some pictures of the piping I just finished yesterday.

HOT side

COLD side

JB Welded fittings:

Previous setup, went through fenderwell and cleared fogs, but I needed to use this piping on my B15 thus I opted to above setup for the P11

2013-02-25 07:40:41
Heres my 99 P11 G20t SR20DE(T) setup, just finished it the other day

Engine: USDM SR20DE(T) 9.5:1
Turbo: GTi-R T28
Intake: My own creation 3" piping with Apexi Dual Funnel Intake
Injectors: S15 448cc @ 3bar
Intercooler: FMIC and piping my own creation
Downpipe: 2.5" my own creation
Exhaust: Stock Cat-Back (for now)
Wideband: Innovate LM-2
MAP sensor: Stock Nissan NA Map sensor for logging purposes (will upgrade to 3bar)
Water Feed: Custom
Oil Feed: Custom

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2013-02-25 07:51:05
Relocated coolant over flow to the P10 location using the P10 bracket and overflow because I had no room for the P11 overflow in the stock location anymore:

2013-02-25 19:41:45
Great job @UNISA JECS. Good pics too, but a lot of them are posted twice. Mind cleaning up your posts so there aren't so many doubles and triples?
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