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Thread: Garrett T3/T04E rebuild with upgraded 360 thrust. Need hep as I am confused!

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2013-02-08 02:37:30
Garrett T3/T04E rebuild with upgraded 360 thrust. Need hep as I am confused!
I recently ordered a T3/T04E rebuild kit with the upgrade to 360 degree thrust bearing and gap seal. I have completely disassembled and cleaned the turbo well. On reassembly, I ran into several issues. I am writing this email to address these issues and ask for your assistance.

1) As noted, the 270 degree bearing and collar are completely different (360 degree full coverage vs 270 degree and the 3 piece vs 2 piece collar). How are the 3 different pieces mounted together to fit in a 270 degree original thrust bearing Garrett like the one I have?? How does the top piece of the thrust collar get attached to the other portion (the beveled lower portion) or to the thrust collar??

2) Also, new mounting holes are not required to be drilled and tapped in the center housing for the 360 degree bearing as two (the 2 pins) are more than sufficient, correct??

I am mostly confused with how the upper portion of the thrust collar sits on the bearing and beveled portion (which the beveled portion faces down towards the bearing as per instructions) of the thrust collar. It does not seem to have any means to mount it securely, apart from "literally" just sitting atop the bearing itself (no provisions for it to slide into the bearing, to screw into the bearing, or any mouting solution of sorts). Its as if the thrust collar from the 270 degree setup was sliced in half with no means of getting them back together for the 360 degree setup.

Also, to note, I have read the included instructions, but the lack of diagrams is somewhat hampering my progress. If you have a picture of how it was mounted in a typical Garrett with a 270 degree bearing, I would greatly appreciate it!

P.S Emailed GPop just now!

2013-02-08 03:26:18
2013-02-08 03:33:44
So it just sits on top free floating?

That's what I am getting from the pic..........

Thanks Keo!
2013-02-08 03:39:54
pretty much
2013-02-08 03:51:06
^^ Ok Cool!! I will get up early and attack this tomorrow when I get in to work!

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