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Thread: VE cam options with 8.5 CP's and no reliefs?

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2013-01-24 04:33:40
VE cam options with 8.5 CP's and no reliefs?
Ive been tossing around the idea of upgrading cams in my car, looking for some good power this upcomming season.

Setup is a built DET bottom end CP 8.5:1 pistons no reliefs with a Stock 2.0 VE head. Combination yeilds a 9.3CR.

I know my options are limited without reliefs, but ive heard there was a company that could cut pistons which was an option, or maybe thoughts of breaking down and buying another set of pistons. What do you guys think?
2013-01-24 05:02:25
You could get away with some SR16 cams if you are set on doing cams. Or a turbo upgrade .
2013-01-25 05:20:28
Already upgraded the turbo and the whole shebang. The head is the only thing i have yet to touch and im only turning it up to 7500rpm.
2013-01-25 09:02:35
i got no reliefs in my pistons and im running standard P12 sr20ve cams
2013-01-25 09:27:05
Yeah you can run SR16 non n1's and 20V and I believe VET cams but thats about it. N1's will contact as will any Kelford cams as well.
2013-01-25 10:47:18
Paying attention to this thread. I'm in the same boat with the OP. I already knew about the VET cams but the Sr16(NON-N1) cams seem to have mixed reviews. Wondering if it has something to do with the gasket thickness ?
2013-01-25 11:34:12
Not really, My buddy actually ran N1 cams set at +5,-5 in his DE/VE hybrid with stock pistons and the valves barely kissed the top of the pistons but his motor probably saw 11-12k rpm on a couple mis shifts with no rev limiter set. Never damaged the valves though and motor had great compression. But again you dont want there to be interferance problems so SR16 non n1's shouldnt have any issues.
2013-01-25 11:37:04
^Pretty much. Bringing that motor to 8K should not be an issue. Plenty of guys have done it before some even pushing it to 9K. Invest on at least valve springs.
2013-01-25 12:50:41
very interesting thread, I'm debating on slapping a ve head on mine as well.
2013-01-25 13:43:40
I have sr16 non n1 in my motor
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