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Thread: 6 speed swap poll - issues?

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2013-02-26 06:25:30
I should be getting mine swapped in the next month or so... maybe I can shift it backward some
2013-02-28 02:49:01
Some pics of my bolt holes lined up not installed, I had previously installed them but could not get the mounting bolt through the braket and the mazworks mount due to the angle so I removed the bolts and snapped some pics. Anyone have this issue resolved have not been on the forums in awhile lifes been crazy.

Here I installed the mounting bolt through the braket and mazwork mount and you can see the gap in the front of the mount I used one of aluminum spacers to show the amount of gap there was. I may just drill it so the mount sits straight, but before I do this I am going to level the motor and trans the mark and drill. Hope this will be a solid fix we will see.

Top view of level mount.

2013-02-28 04:00:05
Still no word from Mazworx other than they still don't have local car to take measurements on...
2013-02-28 04:06:44
They emailed me the same thing
2013-02-28 23:16:58
Damn this sucks, the other mount that bolts to the rear on the trans in my kit was missing the sleeves I had to make my own sleeves. I have seen the images from 1fastser and his had the welded sleeves. This is very disappointing so expensive and no solution!:nonchalance:
2013-03-19 02:20:54
Bump this up
2013-03-23 01:50:10
You guys may need to improvise in this situation by spacing the mount however you need to by sandwiching washers in place to make sure the alignment is good. Until this gets an official fix from mazworx, you may have to find your own solution. There are still a few kinks to work out, but perhaps you can work with mazworx for a discount if that mount has yet to be fixed when you order your kit.

Don't let this little hiccup sway you though guys! This is a viable swap, and getting a strong transmission in the car is important if you want to save yourself some money and headache down the road! I can't tell you how many issues popped up with this kit during my swap, but I can tell you in retrospect that it was 100% worth it!
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