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Thread: 6 speed swap poll - issues?

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2013-01-29 02:11:45
Yes, you should be able to post this stuff in the mazworx vendor section. Thats what its there for.
2013-01-29 04:14:30
I got more pics...
I took off the prothane, leveled the engine and centered the bracket bolt/hole- here's what I got

a bit to the left? (no prothane inserted)

another angle..(no prothane inserted)

new trans bracket from the dealer

started to shred the prothane apart

rear mount/prothane looked fine
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2013-01-29 05:19:22
F*** YEAH!

I wish I would have resolved this issue with the sentra. It wasn't ever really that much of a bother, but it never got really bad. I shimmed it to sit a little bit more centered. I hope this issue gets resolved! We don't need any headaches with this swap.

Thanks klassic, for posting your pics! Awesome.
2013-01-29 06:05:15
Yeah, definitely looks like a positioning issue with the trans mount bracket vs an issue with the rear mount bracket.
2013-02-01 03:12:00
Mazworx has requested a list of those experiencing this issue...and is also looking for a local car to check things.

See here.
2013-02-01 03:45:49
i cranked the shit out of the bolt in my trans mount and then added a lock washer and another lock nut...when i installed the kit i could tell there was some kind of stress on the mount so i went at it like an overgrown savage...im going to make all 4 mounts out of solid aluminum and be done...have a small steel sleeve/collar for the bolt to pass through to prevent excessive wear to the mount, the driver trans mount i may make it bolt to the trans and then to the side of the car
2013-02-01 03:56:01
Just make sure to align the mounts because as it sits right now with the trans being tweeked forward toward the radiator support in order to bolt up the trans mount with spacers its tweaking the rear mount and probably a good reason why coheeds car had a lot of torque steer from the trans sitting crooked. Also I bolted mine up without using both washers because it did look off center and I put a washer on the firewall side of the mount to get rid of the extra gap but not one at the front because it was already sitting against the urethane.

I think a simple remake of the trans bracket will solve these issues. It needs to be moved back to the firewall about 3/4 to a full inch and this problem will go away.
2013-02-01 13:47:55
I originally felt a slight pull to the left on accel. and a pull to the right when you let off the gas...and if you were to let off at high speed, the shift to the right was butt-puckeringly scary. I've been up in the guts of this HO more than a Vietnamese prostitute and am anxious for a swift resolution.
2013-02-01 13:56:40
Now does it still do that hard pull to the right even when decellerating with the clutch in and braking or just when engine braking?

Seems like there could really be an issue with something in the steering if its switching directions like that from accel to decel. Torque steer is quite different than that.

But if it does it even when pushing in the clutch and braking from acceleration id say its something alignment or steering related. The only time my car has ever done that was when there was slop in the steering rack.
2013-02-01 14:34:41
Well, I'll let you know after this issue gets resolved...it doesn't do it as much if you put the clutch in. Even at cruising speed, I can feel it with a blip of the throttle, no clutch.
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