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Thread: 6 speed swap poll - issues?

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2013-01-22 19:24:35
6 speed swap poll - issues?
This poll is for for those that already have 6 speed swaps.

I'm currently having an issue with the driver's side, tranny mount insert trying to pull thru the mount itself (see pic below) on my B14.

I have the Mazworx mount kit for the 6 speed swap. I have welded the aluminum axle bracket in the rear that comes w/the kit because the screws kept getting loose, even with loc-tite. I replaced the rear poly mount (suspected bad) with a JWT solid mount that I already had and have replaced the front dogbone with a solid version. The problem still persists.

I'm beginning to wonder if the Mazworx tranny bracket may be slightly off...maybe this a B14 specific thing...I don't know, that's what I'm trying to figure out.

As a result of this mount pulling thru, both front axle boots have been slightly compromised and now spew shizzle on my whizzeels...aint nobody got time for that! I also notice a small amount of seepage around the axle seals at the tranny. I'm sure both of these are a result of the angle of the shafts being slightly off due to the 'tweaked' motor.

So, how many B14s out there have this swap? How many are daily driven? Has ANYONE ever had a similiar issue with their swap. Please share.
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2013-01-22 19:34:31
For the record, my power output is around 385whp at 10psi on 93 pump gas.
2013-01-22 19:49:38
Has the car itself been in any accidents?? Frame tweaked maybe??
2013-01-22 20:02:09
No accidents...I've wondered about something else being tweaked though, just not sure how to check that. Nothing looks out of the ordinary underneath fwiw.
2013-01-22 22:30:28
Your getting movement somewhere for that thing to be tweaking the mount back like that. If you had little movement it wouldnt be doing that. I daily drove my 6 speed swap for a while with about 500whp and more at the track then drove very little on the street with the current setup and dyno time and several passes and my mount is not doing that at all.

I have a beat up 5 year old prothane in the rear mount, solid T Bar Dog bone front mount, 5 year old prothane passenger mount and the new urethane mount that comes in the mount. Mine has not even showed signs of doing that. Maybe i didnt have enough driving but I doubt it. From what your saying as soon as you put the new one in with both spacers it did it within the same day of some spirited driving so its obviously a problem and if it was a problem on mine it would have surfaced with the amount of driving that I put on mine. Especially the 5 hours of dyno time and several passes down the strip at full power.

Dont know what to tell you man.
2013-01-22 23:47:43
I hear you Ashton.

I still can't figure out where the movement is coming from though...
2013-01-23 00:03:42
you may have to take it apart and poke around...
2013-01-23 00:40:33
Originally Posted by 1fastser
I hear you Ashton.

I still can't figure out where the movement is coming from though...

Well some movement is the rear mount.
The JWT mounts arent very solid.like a prothane.Have you considered putting a prothane in the rear to help some....I know it wont solve your problem completely,but its a start.
2013-01-23 00:43:14
Definitely should put a new rear mount. Prothane at that.
2013-01-23 15:57:02
Any problems with ur crossmember? Also see if the pass mount sits flush with the engine.
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