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Thread: Gtir help

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2013-01-28 01:51:04
shit mann that sux!

i have a feeling that your prob is mainly with the wiring for the distributor.
do u atleast have the p11 distributor to put in?
2013-01-28 04:14:44
Well I could find one at the junkyard if that's the only way
2013-01-28 05:12:22
im thinkin that the cam sensor in the gtir distributor istn compatible with a 94-97 ecu.
if anyone else can chime in on this feel free.

also u need to make sure that the pin locations on the ecu for the cam signal wires are in the right place.
without having a wiring diagram for the gtir it is very difficult to know wire color and pin numbers.
u may have to chase the wires from the pins on the distributor to the ecu.

idk anyone personally that has put a gtir into a p11.
ive done det swaps into p11 and i used the stock p11 engine harness and distributor. then just performed the wiring mods listed in the links.
2013-01-28 05:48:29
Oh man I figured out my father did save the p11 dizzy so I guess I'll try this.. and yeah I was warned that it would be a lot easier the swap all the harnesses out with the p11's but nooo stupid me haha oh well. But yeah thanks for the input!
2013-01-28 06:00:15
no prob. try throwing the p11 dizzy in.
let me know if the plugs are the same . im curious to know
2013-01-28 06:02:37
Alright will do... thanks again! But it might be a couple days because the car is in storage now but I will get back to you
2013-01-28 06:54:48
Actually one more thing.. so if the dizzy might be the problem, would the cam position wires lead to there then?
2013-01-28 14:46:01
Yep. The cam sensor is in the distributor. With out the correct distributor for the ecu the engine won't run
2013-02-05 23:50:09
well the harness plugs for the gti-r dizzy are completely different because the gti-r's dizzy has an external coil but it still bolts up the same, so I just had to do some splicing and wiring and boom he started right up! Thanks for your help! Will post a new thread of all the details and maybe some pics and videos once my down pipe is fixed and bumper is painted.
2013-02-06 02:21:02
awesome bro! hope u enjoy the new swap.

post some details of the wiring that had to be done for members to use for future swaps.

good work
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