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Thread: BW EFRs ....and turbonetics billet wheels ...

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2012-12-13 07:41:20
BW EFRs ....and turbonetics billet wheels ...
Well after PRI and getting to play with all things new in turbo land , I think I really like the BW EFRs allot , Geoff really sold me on them , I just want a external WG T3 band housing ( treadstone makes one ) I really like the quality of these turbos and the tech in them is really cool and I guess getting snubbed multiple times at the PTE booth when I went there and tried to talk to them about several things ( becoming dealer being one of them ) offened me , I used to really try to push there product since a few buddies of mine sold them and really believed in their product I drank the cool aid , I just did not expect the repsones I got from them ....

And I can also tell you the new turbonetics billet wheels are a real solid looking product ....I willl say I am thinking of redoing the car ( have been for a while ) and it is looking like I might have a BW or turbonetics turbo in my future ...
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2012-12-13 08:55:32
Ive been looking into them also, most of my buddies up here are starting to transition into the bw turbos, they have been making them for an extremely long time especially diesel low inertia turbos which are pretty frikkin cool little boogers.
2012-12-13 16:35:49
What I really like is they are trying different stuff that works ...and they are reliable
2012-12-13 16:42:53
I try to stay away from the turbonetics because I've heard of too many failures. Does this seem to be the case?
2012-12-18 03:00:46
Back in the day that could be, but I haven't heard much lately against turbonetics. I am running a turbonetics turbo now and I wouldn't hesitate getting one. I just think Garrett owns the market right now so everyone runs their stuff. I really like the new BW units as well, just don't have the coin for a new turbo right now.

2012-12-20 08:44:19
I think the Turbonetics guys have just as good a product as most any of the other guys out there ....
2012-12-20 14:47:43
My biggest issue (as with most people) with the the BW units is that they are so damn long. In order to fit all those extra seals and so on I guess they need the room, but goodness! They don't make it easy to fit one!

2012-12-20 15:18:05
Another issue with the BW units again relating to fitment is their massive compressor housings compared to other manufacturers. It does make it hard to fit in our limited space engine bays.
2012-12-21 07:23:27
EFR's are not to bad ....check out the dimensions , I can get a exhust housing from treadstone that makes it a EWG t3 setep ...
2012-12-22 04:18:25
you guys really need to check out Pure Turbos. We use them all the time at the shop.
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