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Thread: Golden Eagle head studs, who wants a set? group buy inquiries

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2012-12-11 22:42:15
Golden Eagle head studs, who wants a set? group buy inquiries
With our limited choices for head studs that work correctly for our engine I decided to contact GE about the head studs that they recently pulled from the market which worked for our engine. They informed me that they can build us a few sets if the demand called for it. I would like to generate a list of all the people who would be interested I would like to get atleast 25 people so that we can get the best price possible.

1. Forced Compression
2.penguin nx
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2012-12-11 23:55:50
I'm interested if the price is good
2012-12-11 23:57:38
I wish this would've been available 3 months ago. good luck with this. You'll likely have to move this thread to the Group Buy area.
2012-12-12 00:02:26
I am down if the price is right too... Are you thinking they will be considerably less than the mazworx studs?
2012-12-12 00:31:09
They should be considerably cheaper, when they were available they were.
2012-12-12 00:35:39
I spoke with them a while back about marketing them for the sr20 crowd...they didn't seem interested. Not long after they pulled them off the market.
2012-12-12 01:55:21
how can they think there is no demand.. I know myself and plenty of others that called them directly asking about them
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2012-12-12 02:19:34
If we get some rwd guys from zilvia we can 20+ sets easily I know I want a set for my rwd build
2012-12-12 02:29:34
I am speaking to the representative and the prices so far are about 25% less than the mazworx head studs if we get over 25 people. The price will only be about 10% less if we get less than 25 people.

note: i want thread to stay on track this is not a comparison with mazworx head studs. Mazworx makes a superior product and i am in no way trying to contest that.
2012-12-12 02:34:46
If the price stays close to what GE studs normally go for then yeah it would be worth it. If its close to the Mazworx studs, just get the mazworx studs.

I loved my GE studs and its a shame they took the b16a specific model studs away just because the b18 ones would work fine on b16's however they are too long for our motors and left us high and dry.

I see how its more cost effective for them but still its not like they had any problem at all selling the b16a specific studs being that they can no longer be found anywhere, meaning every single set sold. In a way it doesnt make sense and another way it does.
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