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Thread: DE Capability on Boost

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2012-12-14 17:50:57
ok i plan to raise boost to 14psi(high boost) on my stock DE piston engine but 1st i'm getting 520cc injectors, 255 warlbro fuel pump, S.A.F.C 2, AEM boost controler, water/methanol injection kit, how does that sound and hows the setup look? :-P
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2012-12-15 03:12:11
Don't waste your time on the head gasket and the studs.... Otherwise the plan is great. Upgrade the other stuff if it breaks, you won't hurt anything else if they go so no point in ripping the head off for no reason. You won't get to that point with your turbo so no need at all. With the water/meth you shouldn't have detonation so you won't need stronger head studs or a better gasket. Keep it simple and listen to people. The water/meth will take care of the shitty fuel and you can boost 18lbs on that turbo as long as the injectors don't top out which they shouldn't. Biggest thing is to not over think everything, just do it. For the price of the arp studs, which can be worse than stock, you can buy another de. I can't stress this enough, tune and keep it simple. No need to rip into a de for less than 400whp and even then for a street engine, still not worth it. What is worth it is a tuneable ecu and a water/meth kit to take care of the gas situation.
2012-12-15 03:31:29
Sounds like a waste of money. Keep the motor stock, slap a kit with at least 550cc injectors.
2012-12-15 03:35:41
2012-12-15 03:58:45
Well with their premium being equivalvent to 89-90 octane a water/meth kit would be a really good idea. If they had good gas I would say the same as p10ftw but with crappy gas with the water/meth kit it will make is so he can push it without worrying about keeping the boost down and saying that I told you that I shouldn't go higher than 10-12lbs. Boost the piss out of that t28 with a water/meth kit with the 550's and enjoy low 12's or even high 11's with slicks.
2012-12-15 04:29:27
cool and yeah i don't want to blow my engine since it held up a lot when it was N/A and so far it doing fine turbo, but boost is a drug and i want more without having to invest a lot if there are cheaper options that provide good & safe results
2012-12-15 04:47:04
easy get a boost controller these motors are really stout and will take a shit ton of abuse
2012-12-24 04:09:06
is it worth putting in nismo 8:3:1 compression pistons for more boost? will those work in a highport de?
2012-12-27 18:41:08
Can't believe all of these posts and everyone has overlooked one big thing on this guy. He's running a JWT ECU, biggest thing about running a JWT ECU is that they tune specifically to the compression ratio, injector (+ injector pressure), and MAF setup.

Everything has been addressed except the compression ratio. You need to assure that your ECU is tuned for the CR of your motor, sometimes guys will take a 8.5:1 CR (JWT) ECU and run it on their 9.5:1 DE motor. This can be bad when cranking up the boost because the timing for the 8.5:1 tune is much more aggressive than the 9.5:1.

Basically if the tune isn't set for your car and you start pushing 14+ pounds of boost, you will have too much predetonation and will eventually blow the motor. Only time and how you drive the car will tell how long it will last, but things will eventually break.

Call JWT and ask them yourself. You need to speak with the specialists who tuned your ECU before tuning up the boost. Otherwise everyone's guess is just as good as the next guys.
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2012-12-29 01:57:25
The jwt for 8.5:1 is programmed most of the time for 91 oct. It runs fine on 9.5:1 with 93 octane on higher boost. I have never ran less than 93 on an sr20 so not sure how it would run on 91 oct but it is a very conservative tune that comes from jwt.
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