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Thread: DE Capability on Boost

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2012-12-03 01:25:01
running t28's pea shooter turbos with no wastegate line connected. let it spike and taper off best form of boost controlling
2012-12-04 01:24:24
well i have a JWT ECU chipped for my setup
2012-12-04 01:58:53
good run all the boost in the world good luck
2012-12-04 02:44:24
well i wish i could run all the boost but i have 370cc injectors :-P, so to sum up what i just read, i basically can run my SR20DE(high port) engine w/stock internals up to 12psi aslong as i can get the engine spark & fuel psi setup just right i should be fine.......??
2012-12-04 03:08:33
nope you didnt read correctly
2012-12-04 05:17:28
damn...lol, well then whats you sum up of this?? :-P, because on what i have been told is that 10psi on an SR20DE is what it can hold due to compression and if i want more boost i need to mount DET pistons or forged my engine
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2012-12-04 07:34:49
Put a wideband in the car get your retune by jwt and keep turning it up. Keep and eye on the wideband make sure it doesn't go over 11.8 on pump gas and you will be fine. I 100% promise you if you have a jwt tune and a 255 fuel pump a set of 370cc injectors with a gtir t28 you will be fine at 10 you will be fine at 12psi and you will be fine at 15psi. Every car is different to be honest with you if I had a car with that setup I would prob run the 370cc injectors a 4 bar fuel pressure and have the car at 18psi.
2012-12-04 20:23:53
so with a good tune to make sure it doesn't go dry the sr20de stock pistons can hold?, now what if the pump gas where i live is shit for example your 'Premium" gas is my "Plus" gas, could that cause it not to burn as good?
2012-12-04 23:07:50
You're overthinking things. Run 93 in the car, get a wideband and monitor yours afrs. You'll be fine running over 10lbs on a stock de. Ill be doing the same thing but running 15-20lbs on mine.
2012-12-05 00:30:00
Look go to atl sr20 on facebook or send me a pm ill help u set it up.
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