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Thread: BlackTop, RedTop, FWD, RWD, My head is exploding!

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2012-11-15 22:17:13
you can get the S13/S14 black top to fit a 200sx, these guys did it
2012-11-16 00:02:22
Originally Posted by Keo
you can get the S13/S14 black top to fit a 200sx, these guys did it

Not impressed it looks slow.
2012-11-16 00:07:03
Ok let me get this straight. You asked a question because you didnt know the answer and instead of accepting the answers given you complain because everyone said, not worth your time or hassle to try to use a rwd engine in a fwd application??????

I dont care what your skills are, why would you want to make things that difficult on yourself. The short answer would be yes, you can make it work but why would you want to. There would be a lot of custom crap that would have to go into it. There have been rwd guys that have put complete ve motors in their rwd cars but its easier to do because they have more room to work with where needed which would be the cooling system and two had the fab skills to relocate one of the bolt holes on the block to match the rwd trans.

Why make things difficult. Just get a fwd engine. Not hard.
2012-11-16 00:15:32
Wow. You must have just barely read my response at all if you think for one second that I care at all about not being able to use the rwd engine. My response had nothing to do with the thing. I was "complaining" because the response was basically that there is no point in giving a response, not the actual responses I received.

If you would have read the rest of the thread, and if you did, read it again, you would see that the conversation has moved away from the initial question all together....

"Just get a fwd engine." Like the DET block and VE head that @Vadim and I are discussing? Hmmmmm....
2012-11-16 00:57:35
Yeah I saw it reverted but still, you complained of the answers you got as if someone was questioning your ability to make it work. lol.

Carry on.
2012-11-16 01:03:28
Originally Posted by blackngreenb14
Wait... I come here asking for advice and info on what to do with what I have in front of me and you come off with some cocky BS comment like "More th an likely none of anything you have asked will get done and you just end up wasting our time."

Are you serious?

A little background then. I've been working with cars (American muscle, granted) for years. Had a '91 Z28 that I did a motor build/swap in last summer. Sold the car two months ago and decided I wanted to start playing with something a bit different.

Just so you know, and aren't getting but hurt yourself that your time is getting wasted... The car will be in my garage this Saturday. The Bluebird and whatever head I decide to use is getting sent to the shop on Monday. This car will be on the road in less than a month, provided the weather here holds up...

I asked a simple question about the differences between the FWD and RWD and if it were possible to interchange them. With my history (Chevy and Ford SBC) I've not had to worry with such things. I THOUGHT that this was the place to find such information. There are so many terms surrounding these cars, and different cars across different countries with the same name (US vs JP 200sx) that a search turned up nothing useful for me.

And how is this a double post?????

No part of this is about the rwd.... he was talking about all of my posts about this car, not just this one... seriously, unless you have something to add about this build, let it go. It's done with...
2012-11-16 01:11:59
I gave you my input. Take it for what its worth. This place has tons of info dude. All everyone else was implying was use the search button a bit. You would have found the answer to probably every one of your questions.

Red top, black top, fwd det, rwd det, they all have their differences.

I answered your main question of using a rwd det in a fwd application.

That was the main questions was it not? Exactly.

Ive been around SR's since I could drive. Ive worked on, swapped, hybrid swapped, pretty much every version of SR there is both fwd and rwd. I could go on and on posting all the differences between versions of the motors but for what benefit? When all the info is posted on this forum already. Use the Manifesto, great tool on this forum to find pretty much any info you want.
2012-11-16 01:13:11
Thanks for the info.
2012-11-16 02:28:10
If you run an obd1 ecu, use the obd1 dizzy setup also.
2012-11-16 16:24:33
Originally Posted by P10FTW
If you run an obd1 ecu, use the obd1 dizzy setup also.

Unless your going aftermarket external coil it's not worth it. OBD2 dizzy is better overall quality and easier to get parts for. Now if you plan on making more then 400whp then you need to consider going aftermarket external coil and using OBD1 dizzy might make sense. COP would be baller though.
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