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Thread: BlackTop, RedTop, FWD, RWD, My head is exploding!

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2012-11-14 20:26:13
BlackTop, RedTop, FWD, RWD, My head is exploding!
Okay, I found a guy locally who is selling a black top SR20DET out of a 90 or 91 240sx.

Could this be used in a 200sx SE-R? I'm just not sure if the transmission will mount up or of any other issues.

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2012-11-14 20:28:13
2012-11-14 20:29:32
Nope, the transmission won't mount? Nope, your car will blow sky high? Just nope?
2012-11-14 20:32:18
Rwd motor won't mount a fwd transmission.
2012-11-14 20:33:31
Welp, that settles it. Thanks.
2012-11-15 00:19:57
2012-11-15 08:17:50
Forget i answered any of your other questions and do some research. More th an likely none of anything you have asked will get done and you just end up wasting our time. All your answers are on this site or sr20forum.com. There is someone asking these questions every month or two, getting pointed in the right direction and being told to search. They get butt heart and don't come back or more than likely don't have the skills or money to do the things that they are asking about. I am done answering these questions. The top three threads in the turbo section are from you all pertaining to the same issue and from my experience are all wasting bandwidth and other members time because nothing will ever happen from them. The car will most likely get sold in pieces. Please prove me wrong, I hate when that happens to these cars
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2012-11-15 08:24:32
Many differences, fab work can be done to mount the trans but yeah, more hassle than its worth. The RWD guys have used fwd blocks on their cars but again, requires some modification. The cooling system is completely different between the two.

In short, Dont bother.
2012-11-15 15:24:59
Wait... I come here asking for advice and info on what to do with what I have in front of me and you come off with some cocky BS comment like "More th an likely none of anything you have asked will get done and you just end up wasting our time."

Are you serious?

A little background then. I've been working with cars (American muscle, granted) for years. Had a '91 Z28 that I did a motor build/swap in last summer. Sold the car two months ago and decided I wanted to start playing with something a bit different.

Just so you know, and aren't getting but hurt yourself that your time is getting wasted... The car will be in my garage this Saturday. The Bluebird and whatever head I decide to use is getting sent to the shop on Monday. This car will be on the road in less than a month, provided the weather here holds up...

I asked a simple question about the differences between the FWD and RWD and if it were possible to interchange them. With my history (Chevy and Ford SBC) I've not had to worry with such things. I THOUGHT that this was the place to find such information. There are so many terms surrounding these cars, and different cars across different countries with the same name (US vs JP 200sx) that a search turned up nothing useful for me.

And how is this a double post?????
2012-11-15 16:01:59
^He made a double post himself with post #7, so it deleted it and used post #8 to say what he had to say.

At any rate, do you have pics of what you currently have? What is the condition of the shell? What are your plans short/long term?
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