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Thread: turbo set up

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2012-11-09 01:41:24
turbo set up
what up guys i want to here from the turbo gurus this is my set up let me know what you guys think sr20det fully built block bored .20 over wiesco piston manly rods det head bc springs and stock retainer jwt c2 cams in 2 degree advance ex 2 degree retard log manifold 61mm turbo .82 turbine s cover, jwt computer lightning map 7400cc inj at 4 bar let me know what you guys think.
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2012-11-09 03:40:53
7400cc injectors??
2012-11-09 10:59:37
What are you asking? Yeah those are some huge injectors, I assume you added an extra zero by accident?
2012-11-09 12:35:36
Sweet turn up the boost and post videos.
2012-11-09 22:18:03
740 cc injectors i want to know if this is a efficent set up or the cams a r too big
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2012-11-09 22:20:10
would like to here fron ashton and coheed
2012-11-10 04:58:59
I will let them chime in since they are the only people on here who have ever used a setup of the likes of which has been done to these cars since 1997 or so. I can tell you they are both going to tell you to ditch the log manifold and that the setup will make much more power without it. I will refrain from giving my opinion since I have not done this and posted it on here because when I was doing setups like this I had no extra time to make write ups for customers cars. You never mention a hp goal, what the car will be used for and have left out many supporting mods (I hope). It will be hard to get any opinion on a setup that is as vague as you described and a question which is also the same. You haven't had the car on a dyno yet but you seem to have your cams dialed in Good luck to you, I hope the turbo masters HEAR you in order to comment in this post to help you as no one else here would ever be able to do that. You are making it hard with the fact that you are not giving enough information.
P.S. I have nothing against Ashton and Coheed
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2012-11-10 05:24:53
what're you wanting to know? Sounds like you just posted your set up. Sounds like a decent turbo with a slow spool. Ditch the jwt and have some real fun with it.
2012-11-10 15:55:01
no disrespect to anyone i welcome all opinions but i would like to here from someone who has actually done it so if you did share it if you dont mind totaled200ser.now this is the situation the gold is to make 500hp if it can with the lease amount of stress on the engine so if this means no making 500hp i am ok with that. nsuammyeb i think i might do that with the jwt as u mention.ditching the log is not a option, period.
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2012-11-11 05:09:55
Here are your options.

Ditch the log manifold or ditch the C2's for S4's

Cams are too big and too much duration for a log manifold period. Your going to run into serious problems. Even if your taking out 8 deg of overlap with gears.

If your set on doing the log manifold, go with s4's, if your set on using c2's then ditch the log manifold.

Theres no other way around it. Your gonna have issues if you try to do both.

Nothing wrong with the jwt ecu, if you want full tunability, yeah, go with something realtime such as Nismotronic. You dont even need the lightning maf for 500whp, I was making over that on a calum basic, 740cc injectors 4bar, and z32 maf.

I ran a 60 trim t3 .82 housing but I was on a tubular manifold, even though it was a cheap ebay rwd one, it still outflows a log by far.

Again take advice from others and the ones that have done it so far.
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