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Thread: RR SR20DE vs Bluebird SR20DET Rebuild

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2012-11-12 19:17:23
Thank you all for the info.

My plan at the moment is to keep the disco, but I don't know what I'm going to do after that. 30R perhaps? My thinking was that if I went ahead and put the forged pistons (looking at CP or Wiseco), I would be better off in the end b/c I could pretty much throw whatever I want (turbo and cams) and not have an issue with the internals not being able to hold up. I have to get the thing machined and have the lower end assembled anyway...
2012-11-14 15:51:52
Okay, so continuing with the idea of using the RR head on the SR20DET short block...

Will everything from the RR motor swap over? Intake, injectors, etc... Also, what would the best bang for my buck on upgraded valve springs be? Ease of installation is probably a factor too as I don't have a full machine shop at my disposal.
2012-11-15 05:08:54
Not sure why you would want to use a head with a smaller cam selection? The head should swap over but I would never consider doing that. If you want to use a different head setup, keep the det pistons and rods, sell the rest and buy a ve to install the det rods and pistons into. Sell the ve pistons for a few bucks to recover some cash. In the end, you will make more power on less boost with the ve. A ve with a 30r is a great combo, especially with either a det bottom end or det rods and pistons. Should make 400-450 on pump depending on how far you want to push it. Run race gas or meth injection when you get to the detonation point and you should be able to push 450 easy. That would be the way I would go but I am cheap. You can never go wrong with forged internals as long as you set the clerances properly and torque and assemble everything correctly. I would boost a stock ve on a 30r with water/meth injection if it were my build because the less building, the less room for error. Nissan assembles engines better than most people with a few exceptions. If it blows, then worry about internals. I see too many people get in over their head over building sr20's and either never finish them or have issues that people who keep it simple do not have. JMHO
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