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Thread: going 1.6 to sr20de+t ...need help

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2012-09-07 05:25:08
going 1.6 to sr20de+t ...need help
i will be getting started on my swap this week and i need help knowing what else i need so i will give a list of what i have and if you can tell me what im missing ide appreciate it

sr20de, tapped
det pistons/rods
ve oil pump, pickup tube, spacer, and Gspec crank pulley
wire harness
jwt ecu
turbonetics t3 60trim
turbo timer
nismo fpr
asp t3 mani
880cc side feed
tial 44mm w.g
greddy type rs
poly mounts/ brackets
intercooler and piping
shift linkage
i think thats about it, i may have left something out

what i know i dont have
gauges, axles, clutch, throttle cable, clutch cable, exhaust...which is all available at a auto parts store or of course THE FORUM so not too worried about that

am i missang anything?
2012-09-07 05:49:50
Are you swapping this into a 4 door ?
2012-09-07 05:55:13
yea 5 speed 92 xe
2012-09-07 06:05:43

wont be using that header**

cf hood and trunk, nx brakes, csk up front with ground control all around, st front sway bar, front strut bar, se-r interior/bumper, tsuru front, walbro 255, thats about it
2012-09-07 12:44:16
Fuel pump
J/down pipe
trans bracket
SER or G20 radiator (G20 is thicker)
cooling and heater hoses
Not sure how big or how you are mounting the turbo, but you may need to buy some push rad fans
If you are using a B14 trans you will need a mechancial pinion
SR20 Flywheel
SR20 Starter
If you want AC you will need the SR20 Compressor and bracket
If you want to make sure you have no vibration you will want Axles with the damper on it (rubber thing in the middle)

That's all I can see right now.

Not sure where you bought the engine from, but you may want to buy some measuring tools and make sure everything is in factory spec while assembling it.
2012-09-07 12:47:01
what year harness do you have?

going to need mounts and sell the turbo timer not needed
Last edited by morgans432 on 2012-09-07 at 12-47-40.
2012-09-07 13:00:26
92 harness, i have mounts, not aftermarket just poly inserts
2012-09-07 13:06:00
kcobabe- i have all sr20 brackets, alternator, starter, fuel pump, radiator, and lightweight spec flywheel.. i do need hoses and fans though, and a forum member had put this motor together (forced compression)
2012-09-07 15:04:29
I have a 99 G20 Koyo (OEM Style) radiator form my P11 that I swapped out for a thicker aluminum, it works fine, and I would expect it to have a long life ahead of it. It will work on a manual and also has oil ports to work on an automatic (mine were capped off). PM me if your interested, trying to clear up some space from my turbo build.
2012-09-07 15:30:44
Pm sent
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