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Thread: Best turbo to use on a standard SR20VE engine.

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2012-08-31 06:32:37
As you can see SR20 forum, and rightly ignored them. The last 2 above posts are from our UK trolls.
Not helpful comments were they?

Anyway sr20 guys, I have had a closer look at the tubular mainfold.
Not as bad a s I though and only £35/ 55usd to repair, so will be doing that.

Going to stick with this set up I have deccided.
Yes I have taken comments on board, so it's live and learn.
Will update you with progress.


Pictures- The slight cracks are common on these manifold around the turbo brace section.

2012-08-31 11:32:15
i just cracked a manifold. what did i do with it? I THREW IT IN THE TRASH cause a cracked manifold is trash and should not be put back on the car.

also i would listen to these guys they have never steered me in the wrong direction but youll learn to listen one day.

ALSO from looking at the pics with the kit mounted up to the car:
call me crazy but looks like you bought this kit from looking at those pics. to me that is when who ever you got the kit from just got it him/her self. Dont look like you went by TODAYS photos.
from the pics you showed from the pics of it installed on the car it came off of, it looks like this kit has been well USED!
I see nothing but headaches if you use this kit man.
it also looks to be very old and i wouldnt want to put that on my car.
look at how shiny the piping was to now its rusted? has it been sitting out in the yard or in a creek somewhere?
you could of bought a better kit for what you paid for this one.
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2012-08-31 12:25:52
Yep, as CA mentioned, I thought you went with a GT3071 or 3076......

That turbo (after some research) is somewhat of a bastard step child and was available a long time ago from ATP (as well as a few other companies). I think they dropped for for the very reason of the 3071 and 76 coming out.
2012-08-31 13:18:47
Not helpful maybe, but honest
none the less, and I'm not trolling or 'causing you trouble' as you said in your pm

2012-08-31 17:51:17
Feck it.
Going to build the motor, run forged pistons, rods etc and go with this turbo set up.
The project will be put on hold whislt i sell some parts off and collect some more.

I will try and sell kit over the next month or 2 first. If it doesn't sell then it's full steam ahead.

2012-08-31 18:00:32
ditch the turbo and manifold. Get a better turbo and manifold.
2012-08-31 20:59:14

nothing bothers us more on this forum that people who ask for advice, then not take it.
2012-08-31 22:20:43
Fucking selling it......
2012-08-31 22:39:44
next time around get a gtir manifold and a 2871, you can prob keep the intercooler, but you should look into the ebay gtir fmic piping kit.
2012-08-31 22:40:12
we want you to have a good setup bro!
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