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Thread: Best turbo to use on a standard SR20VE engine.

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2012-08-18 07:09:32
Best turbo to use on a standard SR20VE engine.
So many turbo options out there.
I see many are using different turbo choices depending on their build.

Just need some advice (poll time) choosing a turbo assuming my build is as spec below.

Std sr20ve engine
Std sr20ve cams
Uprated 200sx injectors
Uprated fuel pump
Full 3" manderal bent exhaust
Fully tuned with map on Hks f con pro gold ecu- with map sensor
Std sr20ve rev limit say 7606rpm
Front mounted intercooler
looking to run 2 settings 7psi and 15psi

p.s using a manifold that keeps turbo in std position.
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2012-08-18 07:17:38
What manifold will you be using?

A good cheap option would be a GTiR Turbo set up. Cheap, easy to get hold of and a decent T28 size. Next step would be using the same manifold and then buying the GT2871R or even the 76R.

If you have an aftermarket manifold then you can start playing with the GT30 or GT35 series turbos which are still a good turbo on a stock VE.

I am a garret fan boy so have no opinions on other brands

What are your power goals and budget?

EDIT: Posted before the poll went up. You really need to state your goals so people can suggest the turbo
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2012-08-18 07:27:38
Added poll now.
Thanks manifold option added above.

Aim is to get the most out of the turbo knowing that max boost pressure will be 15psi, rev limit will be 7606rpm ,motor will be std.
For street and drag.
Not being used as a daily.
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2012-08-18 07:28:13
I went with the 2871, check out my turbo thread, its long an can be boring but theres some very useful info / pics.
2012-08-18 07:33:15
Thanks guys.
Even if you do not want to post please hit the poll button.
2012-08-18 07:41:15
you have already received a ton of helpful information in your first two threads, i think you just need to bite the bullet an dive into the project..


2012-08-18 08:15:35
Thanks..but deciding which turbo...
I am just so indecisive, before i went sr20ve i was like this with all the searching and questions.
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2012-08-18 13:16:56
T3 let that thang breath
2012-08-18 13:26:51
Anything with a really big exhaust housing for revision purposes
2012-08-18 14:12:04
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