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Thread: need to know the pros and cons about s4 cams

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2012-08-12 12:17:18
need to know the pros and cons about s4 cams
hey guys i have a built sr20de 9:1 compression, s4 cams, gtir t-28 turbo, and nemu ecu i need to know the pros and cons of using the s4 cams in my set up
2012-08-12 13:19:07
lol search button dude.

There are absolutely zero cons to using s4 cams

There are rediculous amounts of pros to using them. With your setup you will see about 20-30whp at the same boost level, even more after tuning.

Rediculous power gains for the money
Holds power out to redline instead of falling on its face after 6800 or so
Awesome lopey idle

You absolutely cannot go wrong with them. Hands down the best turbo drop in cam out there on the market for the de/det motors.

I used them and would have it no other way.

Put it this way a car with a similar setup to mine and same boost level trapped 102 in the 1/4, I did 110mph in the 1/4. Only difference being I had s4 cams.
2012-08-12 20:20:19
He knows this already he had a ve with sr16 cams, that got beat up by a de with s4s
2012-08-12 20:33:23
Not trying to thread jack, but is there any danger of p2v contact at that compression? I have a similar build going on and that kind of info is a bit above me. I am just basing my question off things I have read.
2012-08-12 23:06:18
no none
2012-08-13 02:40:35
pros: will cause an increase in hp
cons: will cause an increase in tire wear
2012-08-13 02:58:24
possible reasons im guessing u lost a race

1. Driver mod
2. the guy isn't telling you his exact setup
3. if #2 is wrong, revert back to number 1

no hard feelings
Last edited by NissanGuy on 2012-08-13 at 02-58-53.
2012-08-13 07:05:26
Not necessarily true. My first se-r with a jdm de, jwt s3 cams, Jun ultralightweight flywheel, UR 2 peice pullies, 1st gen ssac header 2.25 collector, gutted cat, 2 1/4" exhaust, short ram intake w/ jwt pop charger, timing at 19*, stock ecu went 14.3@97mph on street tires. I know there is a lot of ve guys that are running slower times than that. And that was in a full interior, sunroof, abs 91 se-r.

But then again, back then I was a hell of a driver too. So driver mod does come into play. A ve w/ sr16 cams should be trapping 100 though as well so yeah any type of roll race, there is no reason to lose
2012-08-13 13:25:29
dont mind jdmsentra my ve was the machine but i was just asking because i was thinking of getting rid of the cams and even the head and putting on a sr16 head or sr20vvl head
2012-08-13 13:39:46
No cons to S4s. Don't think twice of getting them.
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