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Thread: AWD b13 GTI-R twin turbo???

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2012-07-01 23:11:19
1-30-12, For some reason, we seem to have mis-informed many people about this car due to the HIGH volume of emails and calls that start like this: "Can you dyno it for me? Will it make a 4000 mile trip?" A customer from Florida (it's a Florida car) built this car over a span of 4 years. Over the 4 years, he spent countless hours making all of this beast come together, from the functioning gauges to the rear end to the fuel cell to finding out the throwout bearing broke and having to wait 3 months for the new one and then installing it. He became disenchanted with the car. We are not sure why.......his hard work was over. His annoyance is your luck. His loss is your gain. He traded this car to us as is for another S14 with an SR motor that we had. Please remember this when the questions such as: "what's the fuel economy" and "what grade bolts are in the rear end" start popping up.

FTR; They basically milked a customer till he just called uncle and deeded them the car. nuff said.
2012-07-01 23:47:53
Yeah looks like a regular GTI-R motor in a B13 to me I dont see 2 throttle bodies anywhere nor 2 snails at all- However I do remember seeing in one of my late 90s Super Street magazines displayed at either Hot Import Nights or Tokyo Auto Salon a guy that had built up a Silvia with SR20DETT- it was RWD and probably was either packing 2 T25s or 2 T28s- it was pretty bad ass
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2012-07-01 23:51:13
I think I'm gonna give them a call tomorrow and see how this conversation goes.
2012-07-01 23:56:10
Its sold already.
2012-07-02 00:08:51
it wouldn't be twin turbo anyway the way they described it, would be bi-turbo, small guy feeds the big guy to spool it...similar to a compound set up, but i call bs
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2012-07-02 00:38:26
NONE of the fucking cars for sale on his site are worth even half of what hes asking for them.... Go ahead and look. Youll SMH
2012-07-02 03:01:12
Originally Posted by Cyrus
NONE of the fucking cars for sale on his site are worth even half of what hes asking for them.... Go ahead and look. Youll SMH

2012-07-02 03:42:08
Originally Posted by Shawn
I like the gauge cluster and instrument cluster.

Other than that it is atrocious. Looks like hammered ass. Filthy. Cobbled together. Half-assed.

You just described the super sentra. Thanks dick.
2012-07-02 06:52:15
it says air to water intercooler and the engine bay pic shows front mount pipeing and yet the pic of the front of the car shows no intercooler....hhmmmmmm
2012-07-02 12:14:20
that car had to have belonged to a forum member... wonder who.
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