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Thread: white smoke.....wow, but wierd

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2012-06-26 15:04:25
white smoke.....wow, but wierd
So the car out of nowhere is throwing out of nowhere. I see water in the tailpipe but not much. Exhaust on it smokes, off with open turbo it doesn't smoke. Also noticed it doesn't smoke when the exhaust is hot, only when car is warmed up. Just happened last night after a radiator swap. This morning after driving 40 minutes home last night samething. I didn't see any signs of oil in the radiator nor did I last night when I drained my previous radiator. I have not done a compression test, nor taken off pcv hose(just for kicks) car runs and drives normal as it did before. When I get home I'm ganna drain the radiator fluid for inspection aswell as. Thoughts are welcomed.
2012-06-26 16:30:58
I have no clue what your trying to ask
2012-06-26 16:50:09
Thoughts on what it could be, I'm leaning headgasket but not sure just yet....
2012-06-26 17:17:42
so it smokes when the exhaust is on but doesn't smoke when you take it off and leave it open turbo?
2012-06-26 18:48:04
Originally Posted by 91SE-R
so it smokes when the exhaust is on but doesn't smoke when you take it off and leave it open turbo?

Yea, which I though was wierd
2012-06-26 20:20:51
if the car drives fine and you have no signs of oil mixture in your coolant then i dont think its your headgasket, since you said it smokes when you have your exhaust on and it doesnt when its open turbo then it might be something in your catalytic convertor... ijs
2012-06-26 20:49:11
Straight pipe
2012-06-26 20:49:56
But I still wanna do some tests so we shall see
2012-06-26 23:42:28
Valve seals?
2012-06-26 23:42:31
Headgasket, nice!
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