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Thread: this is crazy, **READ** if you have a PTE turbo

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2012-06-16 03:54:17
this is crazy, **READ** if you have a PTE turbo
Garrett Turbochargers and the Truth - Yellow Bullet Forums

just read the post and dam, WTF that is just crazy
2012-06-16 05:11:23
inetesting, i hope this doesn't effect mine lol. from what i saw it was mostly the larger turbos with journal bearings :-\
2012-06-17 01:37:18
2012-06-17 10:22:10
NA all day :-D
2012-06-17 11:18:26
That was a LONG read.

Please keep in mind folks that we're NOWHERE near subjecting our turbines to those stress levels. Regardless of what turbo you utilize (BW, Garrett, PTE, Etc.) You should not have to worry about turbine failure like those guys do.

I think Mazworx stated that they're looking for 3X-4X psi out of their turbo, which is still nowhere near the limit where containment becomes an issue. Those big block guys are pushing 6X psi and 4XXXHP.

Still an interesting read though.
2012-06-17 12:35:24
Read It Already , Was Scared Until I saw Puerto Ricans and More Using Precision Turbos in Many of Their Cars , Many!! and they dont run no small amounts of boost, If I start to Post Fast Cars with Precision Turbo's ill cant stop , limme start with

My Dumb Friends thought I went Precision because another Friend Told me too , I came here and saw everyone showing love for them them , Evo Community also, then i started to watch alot of PR cars and even some aussies, I saw many were using them also.
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2012-06-17 22:09:37
Precision turbo ftw!!!
2012-06-17 23:15:54
Garrett has always been my choice.
2012-06-18 02:43:34
2012-06-18 03:05:42
I love my PTE turbo. If it blows I'll buy another one.
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