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Thread: turbo setup questions...

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2012-05-29 04:26:36
Dbl post
2012-05-29 04:36:16
I personally feel that you should start with a smaller, more basic setup for your first turbo build if you feel that you are still a noob to everything. It is constant maintenance, and you are going to encounter a lot of little things that will need to be addressed. You can always upgrade later down the road.

I say get a nice and clean gtir t28 setup with supporting mods and enjoy that with a boost controller until you are ready to move on from it. Just my 02.
2012-05-29 06:26:53
Originally Posted by sr20guy
I disagree

It's ok your allowed too.
2012-05-29 15:01:05
start small you think you want 600 but in reality all you need is 300-400 especially fwd.

Originally Posted by mirrortints
I would use e85 and a 6766 turbo 2000cc injectors for 600whp

6766 is too big for those goals, 600 coud be had with just pistons rods stock head with cams and springs with either c16 or e85.
also theres no need for oil squirters beause your going forged pistons now if your road racing then id say go for it.

personally throw pistons rods, cams springs gt30/35 or a 6262/6266 dual map 91/e85 tune and enjoy
2012-05-29 15:50:59
Go big or go home..either this or stroker motor
2012-05-29 15:54:42
Then go big. Copy Ashtons setup
2012-05-29 17:03:53
Originally Posted by Dave_SR20
Then go big. Copy Ashtons setup

lmao.just ."Go Ashton or go Home"!
Last edited by klassickrican on 2012-05-29 at 17-08-29.
2012-05-29 17:10:00
2012-05-29 17:14:04
Originally Posted by klassickrican
lmao.just ."Go Ashton or go Home"!

2012-05-30 00:26:12
hahaha, I feel honored.

Reality is that you dont need a huge turbo to make good numbers. Huge turbos just make it easier to make big numbers.

There are people that make 600+ on 6262's easily. 67mm turbos have no problem making those numbers. My turbo while it looks big its still a 67mm turbo just larger turbine wheel and housing and typically large Borg Warner Compressor housing. It looks bigger than it really is.

I started small and worked my way up, starting with a t25, then t28, then 60 trim t3, then t67 h.o. then my current setup. Every one was fun in its own way.
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