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Thread: Future of the WRX pwner

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2012-05-16 00:51:19
Originally Posted by WRX_PWNER
I like the idea of having a VE, but it will be some day far down the road. I guess ill sleep on it, DE or DET.

or ve-t
2012-05-16 00:52:50
Originally Posted by cortrim1
jdm de's go for 500-600 and a ve goes for 750-950. I do agree it used to be cheaper to get de motors. I picked up my first jdm de for $200.

where you seein jdm de's for that price?
2012-05-16 00:54:49
Ill buy a HP or LP and tap it and call it a day. Save urself alot of money for the rebuild. Rr boost and get great gas mileage
2012-05-16 00:58:53
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
where you seein jdm de's for that price?

Home page

They got a 10:1 redtop for 645.00
2012-05-16 01:31:34
get out of here with that shit.. fucking tiger jap is shit and mostley everyone on this forum knows that! hahahahahahahahaha


tack on shipping an your almost right back to ve prices (depending where you order)
2012-05-16 01:35:05
Do a search on Tiger Japanese and you'll see their motors get worse every year and their customer service is a ball buster.

Getting an an engine from them is like betting in Vegas. You could get lucky, or not......
2012-05-16 01:44:52
Im either gonna get a motor from JDM engine zone or MIKO
2012-05-16 01:47:07
2012-05-16 01:50:07
yeah, engine zone's not bad, i've ordered from them as well as from miko. atleast with miko if anythings messed up he makes it right. jdm engine zone has some good pricing tho.
2012-05-16 01:53:50
Originally Posted by liljay781

i've got an engine from them also, and again decent pricing an no issues.

the engine from jdm engine zone was actually danfivetens, but it was in just as good as condition as my p10's engine from jdm engine depot or my engine from nagasaki, but nagasaki is a tad more pricey.

Nagasaki Jdm Motors

JDM Engine Depot
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