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Thread: Why are people running these HUGE ass turbos on these cars?

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2012-05-12 00:57:37
^^^Mirror your right. With a VE i might think of going T3. Im more talking DET's here. Simple setups that work and make GREAT power. What is the BB37? Whos it made by?
2012-05-12 01:02:12
I've got to say, the Quarter Mile thread (and the dyno thread) are far from complete. The 1/4 mile thread is I guess more complete, but there are plenty not on there, and some that have posted that I haven't added yet.
2012-05-12 01:10:32
converted to large frame turbos a few years ago, never looking back, less heat better power delivery that pulls all the way to the redline, the key is to size your setup to operate within its efficiency range.

am i saying that a well done t28 in a really light car cant hang with me? i am sure there's a few but they will be pushing that turbo to the limits blowing hot steam on the pistons, it would be only a matter of time before destruction,

ever since going large frame my trannies have taken a lot less beating, i was going through stacks every 3 months when i was racing hard, i have been on the same stack since going large frame. theres alot of benefits but at the end of the day its "to each its own"
2012-05-12 01:21:46
Originally Posted by Johnny
What is the BB37? Whos it made by?

incon turbo. No longer in production. The bb37r is a gt3076r in a t2 housing. The gt3071r with the 56.5 wheel is comparable to the bb37
2012-05-12 02:08:39
not going 10's or 9's on a t2 turbo, and not making 600+whp on a t2 turbo...sorry, hate to burst your bubble but GO BIG OR GO HOME
2012-05-12 02:38:22
I am a fan of big turbos because of the MPH they bring to the table. Yes the small fram turbos perform great but, nothing like a 130+ mph car.

Yes traction will be a bitch but, I am not out to break any records.
2012-05-12 02:52:19
Why question it when your tired of it?
2012-05-12 03:07:14
I don't miss my T25 when compared to my 60-1 knockoff. 60-1 is starting off where the T25 was pretty much just about to let off.
2012-05-12 03:27:07
Because fact is I pushed the t25 and t28 as hard as I could to try to go fast. While it made for complete traction on slicks down the track it also caused issue after issue melting pistons and cracking ring lands trying to run the thing too hard. I could have gone low 11's on the t28 but it would have probably cost me the motor to do so but didnt make it that far. One overboost to 21psi and bye bye went the ring lands. T3 and never looked back. Stock intake manifold and throttle body and 20psi of boost on 91 octane pump gas and made 409whp all day long never had one problem ever other than transmissions. 24psi 461whp, 30psi after the aftermarket intake manifold and q45 throttle body, roughly 530-550whp. Car had an 1/8th mile trap to go low to mid 10's with traction at 140+. 108mph in the 1/8th still sputtering a bit because of a leaking clamp.

T3 and never will go back to a t2. You wont get those kind of trap speeds from no t2. I dont care what turbo it is.

When you get into the 130+ traps is when things get fun.

Here is a pic for ya Johnny. Big enough for ya?

2012-05-12 03:30:50
^^^^^ things so big and heavy its bending the engine stand lol
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