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Thread: Why are people running these HUGE ass turbos on these cars?

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2012-05-14 12:07:04
The best I got out of my GTI-R turbo was low 12's and that was driving the hell out of my car back in the day.
Do you have any videos of this? I'm sure a lot of us would like to see this. I didn't know those turbos had that much topend to make up that time with a 2.0 60ft.
2012-05-14 12:29:36
The fastest I have seen on a GTIR turbo is 11.9 @ 119 and that was in a gutted B14.

The GTIR turbo setup was GTIR manifold with tial wastegate mounted on top with a divorced dump pipe. That was a setup I did for Daveracer I think was his name on the forum.
2012-05-14 12:35:14
There is vids of a guy from Boise Idaho going 11.4@118 on a gtir turbo in a b13
2012-05-14 12:54:21
I dont beleive there is a vidio of that run... i have the slips though. thats with 23x7 m n h slicks on a gutted b13 witu a gtir engine very well tuned by sr20gtir -jamie and setzer-pete then i added a intercooler sprayer annnnnnd it snowed that day a lebanon vally. So im sure the cool intake charge helped alot but it ran consistant 11.7 and 11.6's a previous trip to the track
2012-05-14 13:48:25
Originally Posted by tsuruser
I'd have a house a minivan and 1.5 kids .. you know the normal grown up thing to do .
Instead i have a apartment three cars i put money into for uknown reasons other then self pleasure , hide money and parts from the wife. And awnser the usual stupid question from assholes asking me why did i put that kind of money into a sentra .

Because it would be twice or triple amount of that if you had a "better" car.
2012-05-14 13:52:18
Originally Posted by Vadim
Because it would be twice or triple amount of that if you had a "better" car.

or half the price with a Solara!
2012-05-14 14:05:49
DxPxE has the fastest GTI-R T28 powered car I know of.


If the car went on more of a diet and had a better head & cams, I could see 10.9-11.1.
2012-05-14 14:20:19
These cars have to be tin cans
2012-05-14 15:39:00
Northeast air goes a long way. We gotta have something going for us since its not summer time every day.
2012-05-14 15:58:06
11.4 with a 2.0 short time?

I figure it would need a lot more mph than that. My dude Gio went 11.5 at 127mph with like a 1.8 short time.....

Doesn't seem to add up. I may be wrong. If so my bad.
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