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Thread: Why are people running these HUGE ass turbos on these cars?

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2012-06-10 02:07:27
Originally Posted by Coheed
Wish I made more money, I'd build this VE up for big whp. Probably run 40psi boost on E85 and put down 900whp with a GT4r02r.

But I'd need a trailer, a truck, and wouldn't be able to enjoy it on the street. Going fast is fun... but it gets to a point where it just isn't practical to have fun all the time. Only at the track.

It's one thing to be competitive, but to break stuff all the time going to the track just for fun... not worth it.

I agree 100%....that's also what made street racing soooo much fun, when I was young and err not so wise ,beating the he'll out of someones purpose built race car in something I had to drive to work (at food lion) the next day! Ftw
2012-06-11 13:20:04
I just got the car running again... SR20VE-T with VET Cams and ASP VET Manifold, GTiR T28 with a disco comp housing. I had to adjust the wastgate to get it to fit, and stretched the arm a bit. Thus it's running 14psi when VET cams kick on and 12 psi at top (instead of 8). It's all friendly and slow until the high cams kick on at 4500rpm, then it spins tires in 2nd and picks up speed like crazy. Basically any more power/tq and the car will be even more unusable.

All I can say good golly the car is a beast. I gained almost 60ft-lbs over what it was before, and what a fun beast it is to drive. I did not have this much fun on the car with 20VE cams, Log, Precision T3 and 15psi.
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2012-06-11 17:27:07
good to hear it man.
2012-06-11 19:02:49
Big turbos are a blast , but traction is non existent once boost hits , 3rd gear is useless ...when I am spraying meth nothing but spool bap bap bap , but once it hooks , it is gone ....
2012-06-11 19:27:33
Originally Posted by Coheed
good to hear it man.

Your right about VET cams loving lots of boost, it is insane when the high intake lobe kicks in, and that's without being able to put all power to the ground.
2012-06-12 01:04:21
I like the feel of ripping 3rd gear, because with my 225 tires it still pulls you into the seat hard and pins you there until 4th gear. And 4th gear is handcuff territory, but it pulls so quickly there.

Having a T28 powered car can be equally fun imo. They are lively and responsive, and you feel like you are moving quickly until after 3rd. Which is good. I used to love the feel of 2nd gear with the GT30r, but 3rd felt slow. The p11 trans didn't compliment the turbo very well, wide gearing i guess.

This 6 speed is pretty cool because it has shorter ratios, and that makes it fun too.

My log/VET combo with the 30r was really quite potent, and I enjoyed it. The car saw a lot of drag races on that setup. Hundreds. I feel like that setup was perfect for street and 400hp. But alas, my quest to 500hp necessitated some changes. But I got to experiment and i learned a lot. It was money well spent in that regard.
2012-06-12 01:35:04
You dudes are doing big shit around here, respect
2012-06-12 03:23:28
Out east 3rd gear is handcuff territory, thus 2nd gear is the best gear for me. I don't care about going fast (over a certain MPH), I just care about getting to that MPH very fast and the feel of the torque
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