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Thread: xs power fwd manifold fitment woes

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2012-05-11 03:55:22
xs power fwd manifold fitment woes
Ok this is where my build has hit a wall . I bought this xspower fwd manifold from a memeber who never ran this in his b13 hence it its brand new. Now Before you guys say its junk china made its has been reinforced welded by the guy i got it from who welds for a living . The original location for the w/g was pointing out straight into the radiator , now its facing upwards also done by him . My problem starts here the down pipe is nowhere near the j-pipe as the turbo is dead in the middle of the head . Next issue is the w11 j-pipe is in the way of the alt. My question is do I ....A: mount the turbo backwards having the exhaust side on the trans side and figure the d/p from there . Or B, change my exhaust side to a "V-band and figure out down pipe from there . Or option C. relocate the alt to the rear of the motor as i have a electric water pump and no power steer . Anyone who has used this manifold please post up or post up pics of your set up. The turbo a gt2871r with a t3 exhaust side .

Here os a few pics to give you a idea of what i'm dealing with ...

You can see the different mount locations bottom manifold is a stock w11

Here you can see it mounted up ..

Shot from the front you get an idea of how the turbo will sit ....

2012-05-11 04:00:23
That's for a RWD det. They say FWD on the website but they only say that cause it bolts up but its clearly not designed for a FWD platform. I don't know why those asshats still do that!
2012-05-11 04:08:48
See whats messed up is it came with the original box and was marked "sentra 2.0 " . Ive checked on the website and its the same manifold sold for the fwd sentra . Ebay has one for a pulsar gtir that looks different than this one but has no extarnal w/g and places the trubo more towards the trans side like stock. Honestly im thinking of going with one of those and selling this one as is because my time is running out for the convention .
2012-05-11 05:05:33
Should of gone log.
2012-05-11 05:06:29
Log manifolds suck ballsack!
2012-05-11 05:26:25
do a v band and fab a piece of dp. The pulsar mani on ebay will work better and u can add external wg easily also
2012-05-11 05:36:10
i would just relocate the alt man since you already have the electric water pump and no power steering, then make a downpipe.

or get a gtir mani an have it modified.

just my .02
2012-05-11 06:02:55
Please also get a real dumppipe or your gonna be melting wires
2012-05-11 11:24:19
The dump pipe will get cut and welded into a 90* bend . Its not goin to dump into the valve cover.
2012-05-11 11:42:24
I vote put the alt on the back, although you don't have to go with an electric water pump.
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