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Thread: My e85 impressions on this T25 externally wastegated! Two thumbs up!

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2012-05-07 09:48:47
Originally Posted by Dema
^ since NA motors run more air than a boosted set up in terms of afr, shouldnt it be the other way around? enlighten me

i want to see a dyno run on the all e85 or at least a mixture dyno run with pump gas.

turbo cars run rising rate fpr's though

i still say 750cc's should be enough for what a t25 can throw at them
2012-05-07 13:26:01
Johnny, straight E85. Mixing fuel would just be too much of a pita for us since these are our DD'ers.
2012-05-18 17:51:55
Originally Posted by cory
Originally Posted by Johnny
I disagree here.

S4's I started my car up one day with the exhaust on and this dude ran up to my car like "Dude wtf do you have under the hood cammin like that". I love the sound of it[/QUOTE

Idk how you can say you disagree. Its a fact, the more knock limited you are (ie higher cr) the better your gains will be from switching to e85.

It is actually quite simple. Although the C/R of the DE is higher than that of the DET. The effective compression ratio once the forced air is taken into account is considerably higher on the DET than the DE. Thus the turbocharged motor is seeing higher temperatures than that of the Naturally aspirated.

This will not be true in all cases as someone may opt to run 13:1 compression in their DE, then benefits of the E85 in naturally aspirated for may begin surface. In stock form however it is better suited towards the DET.
2012-05-18 18:59:48
This stuff is great. But its getting annooying that I have to adjust my tune every other day because the E85 is so inconsistent. Some days its prob like e70 and I have to lean it out. Then some days its prob actually e85 and I have to richen it up.
2012-05-19 15:38:28
Why don't you guys buy the alcohol sensor that comes on oem fuel flex cars and use the output to auto trim injector fuel curve?
2012-05-19 15:58:33
You can also just get a fuel composition tester. Most of the pumps around here are at 77% now and after the first will be 85%... the difference from 77-85 will really only be about one point at most.. try to use the same pump or atleast the same company to keep it a little more consistent.
2012-05-20 17:08:39
Theres only one station that sells E85 in our whole city. I always try to go to the same pump everytime at that station. Its just annoying having to always watch your wideband cause you never know when its gonna run leaner then its supposed to lol. Seeing 13.5 instead of 12.0 when your in the middle of WOT is kinda scary. You can feel it in the motor.

What are you guys tuning for A/F wise for just cruising?
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