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Thread: My e85 impressions on this T25 externally wastegated! Two thumbs up!

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2012-05-06 05:18:47
Originally Posted by ca18
hmmm even on e85 750cc's should take a t25

Cory said his VE is at 285whp. Hes got 740cc's at 4 bar and is still sitting over 75% duty cycle. When I say you have to dump a TON of fuel with E85 compared to gasoline I mean it lol. Im on three bar.

Im gonna start playing with an E85 gas mix to save my injectors. Maybe fill up a 5 gallon tank with e85 for a controlled amount everytime and add that before filling up with 93.

This setup is basically a duplication of Gio's mans t25 car that made 350whp. I have been in love with seeing what this lil t25 can do in these cars since my first one. Even after I went to a bigger turbo. I had all the stuff to do it and figured why not try it since my setup was already similar. I had been wanting to try e85 for a while. Had I known we had it so close I def woulda dynoed the 18g on it.
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2012-05-06 05:48:41
The fuel required for aboosted 285whp and an all motor 285whp is different. The na 285 will need more fuel.
2012-05-06 05:56:03
^ since NA motors run more air than a boosted set up in terms of afr, shouldnt it be the other way around? enlighten me

i want to see a dyno run on the all e85 or at least a mixture dyno run with pump gas.
2012-05-06 06:21:34
I run the 740cc and the 550 cc at 4 bar. All motor and boost is 2 different scenarios with the injectors. Boost cars is 4 bar (52psi)at idle, when it gets into boost say 15 psi your total fuel pressure will be 67psi,so more fuel pressure behind the injector is like having bigger injectors . I recently ran a car at 3 bar (1000cc) dw injectors and they did not want to flow more than 467 whp worth of e-85,my car makes 450whp at 20psi on 740cc(4bar)total fuel pressure under that boost will be 72psi. and I have a little more before they max out but I am good there.
Hope that helped. Just bump your pressure to 4 bar.
All motor cars have no fuel increase other than the 2-3 psi it bumps up when the intake manifold looses negative pressure when the throttle body opens.
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2012-05-06 17:18:29
Gio isnt 4 bar 58psi? Or you talking vacuum on? Doesnt matter either way as long as the injectors can take the upped fp. I have RC's. I may give it a try. But i heard they dont run well at higher pressures.

My other question is are you guys running STRAIT e85 or are you doing a mix of 93 and e85? Im thinking that if I mix I wont have to worry so much about maxing out the injectors but ill still have the cooling of the e85.

All in all this is a cool as setup though and I thank you for posting results. Had I thought about ext gating a t25 I prob woulda stuck with it longer lol. Its a nice easy setup that runs!
2012-05-06 17:50:01
You guys should also realize you'll have to adjust your tunes in about 3-4 weeks.

Around June 1st is when stations start using 85%... as of the other day it tested at 75% atleast locally here. It may not sound like a big difference but you'll see it on your afr. .. its a lot more of a difference then you'd think..

Also I really dont think its worth the trouble of mixing it. Its going to be hard to get the mixture right every time unless you have a fuel composition tester with you when you fill up.
2012-05-06 18:15:25
Cory it would be easier for me that way. As long as the composition is close I can fine tune it on the way to the track. Or just driving around regular I can do the reg driving tune. I dont have anything to data log with for this car. Every A/F tune is done on the fly with my eyes. Watch the RPM then check the wideband....adjust...then repeat on up through the rev range. Ive gotten really good at it.

As for the E85 being on 70% e85. I noticed that they had a sticker on the bottom saying something along the lines of "This product is AT LEAST 70% ethanol" It kinda concerned me and made me laugh at the same time. Even with E85 theyre trying to hit you in the head and give you less of the good shit lol
2012-05-06 18:32:47
That sticker is always there... they add more gasoline to the mix over the cold months in order to improve cold starts. Once june 1st hits it goes back to 85%, and an e75 tune would go real lean.

Im not sure if its just this far north or if they change the composition nationally
2012-05-06 18:36:24
Also I know you said you weren't worried about it but your missing out on the real benefits of the fuel by not playing around on the rollers and feeding in some more timing
2012-05-06 20:09:04
I will play with timing when I get money to dyno. Ill prob do all my runs at the same boost and just play with timing a little. That worked well last time I did it. But i still drive around on JWT's base sr20det timing...whatever that is. I havent bumped it at all. Prob could benifit from a few degrees more. But im pretty sure the e85 is working its magic how it sits
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