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Thread: My First Short Block Rebuild

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2008-05-05 18:13:18
it really depend on the capabilities of the turbo kit you are going to use, the power goal you are looking to shoot for, altho boost is really adicting and no power is really enough when it comes to boost, but a realistic ammount of power for street is nrmally something worthshooting for.

as far as building up the bottom end, again it really depends on how much power you ar oging to shoot for, me i ALWAYS buil the whole motor up beucase i know,that no real power goal is going to suffice ME, but you might be different, plus it is nice to have a broad range of power to be able to shoot for fom 250whp-550+ so i mean it justs depends
2008-05-07 03:33:19
well the engine is completely torn down as of last saturday. i took it to the machine shop tonight. i pretty much decided that i am just gonna go with all det oem replacement parts seeing as 250-300hp is about all i wanna pull with a fwd anyway. the machinist will probably be turning the crank rod journals 20 over and just polishing the mains. he verified the story i got from the guy i bought the car from. he said the motor didnt even run enough to get hot after it spun the bearing which is good news i guess.

ill be part shopping the next few days and ordering as soon as the machinist calls and lets me know what he was able to do.

gonna be in for:
4 pistons
1 rod (maybe all if its hard to find just one gimme some advice)
bearings: rod
gaskets for the complete rebuild
machine work

all told it should be less than another jdm det would have cost to have shipped in and i have learned a bit as well so definately worth the rebuild as long as it all comes together
2008-05-07 13:10:16
Oil pump, water pump replacement too...?

If the rod is bad, you MIGHT need to replace or get the crank worked some.
2008-05-07 14:51:46
^ i was thinking the same thing, if that rod was bad a new crankshaft might be in order, 250-300whp is easy to get, the block really doesnt have much to do with meeing that power goal, but more like the turbo kit and fue counter parts ect, you should easily be able to meet that goal tho
2008-05-07 17:31:55
the crank is getting turned 20 as we speak, dropped it off for machining last night. not sure if the rod is bad or not but the machinist said that for the cost of trueing the rod i could probably find a new one. det oem ones arent too bad in price right?

i was assuming the oil pump was good since there are no signs that the engine had friction due to low oil.

the water pump looks like it was chanaged on the engine when the det was initially swapped in about 30-40kk miles ago so im gonna go with it
2008-05-07 19:54:17
depending on ur budget i would try to find a set of used aftermarket pistons and rods,but thats just me,esp IF that rod is bad
2008-05-07 19:56:37
I would personally run DET rods and pistons all day long, especially for anything sub-400whp.
2008-07-05 22:22:08
well all the parts are ordered for the block got a couple things in already so the actual work should start soon and ill get pics.

1 question though? i haven't actually looked at the fuel pump yet but when i do, does an oem pump and a walbro look very different? how can i tell what i have in this thing? since i already spent more than i wanted to and ate into my profit margins a bit i am probably just gonna add some injectors and a walbro if its not already in there and get a tune, so ill have a beast. i already over did the bottom end so why not...
2008-07-23 03:14:56
do you have a decent trans to go with this? You can make power easy. The problem with our cars is the trans. we have a bitch trans.
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