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Thread: SR20DE Highport Harness on Pulsar Engine?

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2012-04-25 03:42:46
SR20DE Highport Harness on Pulsar Engine?
I want to know if the harness on DE would fit on GTiR engine?

I think this would fit? any ideas?

I search the ecu pinout I think it almost the same except on pin 26:


DE harness:
2012-04-25 21:58:00
It will work. Don't forget to swap your tps wires
2012-04-26 01:18:06
De harness
And don't forget to buy resistors if your using the gti-r ecu on the de harness.. I blew my first gti-r swap in my p10 cuz i forgot to add resistors on my injectors.
2012-04-27 06:31:16
thanks for your reply

@jays, is it possible to use a DE ecu on GTIR? engine? i mean I have a basic b13 ecu for DE?
2012-04-27 18:18:59
a stock de ecu will not work....it will not understand how to controll injectors and it won't understand the signal from a gtir maf......resistors on the injectors might make them work sorta with the de ecu but the maf will not work AT ALL
2012-04-27 19:00:42
The stock DE ECU, will work. ONLY if the maf matches and injectors are the same CC rating. (and the resistors are installed if your using low impedance injectors) I have done it before when we had a DE race car with GTiR head (n/a).

Have done the same with swapping a GTiR engine complete into a P10 (highport) using the stock highport harness and we ran a DE ECU that had been remapped. (the GTiR ecu can be chipped the same way)
2012-04-28 01:33:47
i mean I have a programmable DE ECU... just wondering if I can use it on a pulsar engine? or do I need to transfer the daughterboard on the pulsar ECU?
2012-04-28 02:04:57
You can use your DE ECU. But will still need to install the resistors if using low impedance injectors e.g the stock gtir injectors.
2012-05-04 01:27:27
Nibbs. Listen the gti-r ecu and de ecu would start the car right up and run. I should know, i drove my car with stock de ecu and gti-r but you rather go with your gti-r ecu. The only thing you would have to eliminate is the boost solenoid cuz the stock se-r harness doesn't have it. You said you have a re-programmable ecu, make sure that ecu you have has settings for high or low Impendence injectors. If it has for only high impendence, then you must use resistors. If your ecu has a high or low feature, then you don't need resistors. Right now i'm running an AEM EMS 2 to eliminate the maf and other features. Let me know how it goes.
2012-05-06 06:12:47
thanks for your reply.

well i do have the gtir ecu. and that is what I'm planning to use. I'm just only concern on the harness as currently I do have the harness on my jdm higport DE engine. coz if it would work then I can just have the DET bolt on. no need to rewire the whole thing.
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