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Thread: Ve-t ticking before boost?new Video inside 3pg

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2012-04-20 18:27:35
Originally Posted by Vadim
Ah gotcha, I thought you were running a Calum ECU because of your thread (the first post says Calum).

Check spark plugs, look for little dark dots on the white material, that's a sign of detonation.


You are the man!
2012-04-20 20:18:31
I have a terrible ear for detonation but I agree I think that's what its doing. 5th gear at low rpm your drivetrain is loaded in a way that it will do that. The very early JWT turbo programs had this exact problem iirc from reading SCC.

Hopefully its fine and you can fix it. Why all that work still running JWT?
2012-04-20 21:47:58
if your gonna check the spark plugs make sure its directly after a pull, do a full pull then shut the ar down and check the plugs right away, i never heard detonation that loud tho
2012-04-21 05:25:56
Drew that sound is not coming from your engine, its sounds like something is rubbing against your firewall.
2012-04-21 08:25:17
You have no way to read AFR?

If you think it is detonation and you cannot read afr or your timing then you really need to invest in a AFR gauge.

Or pull timing and see if the sound is impacted. The difference can be made with only 2-5deg adjustment depending how far advanced you are.

Seriously dude its worth $200 to get a gauge and sensor after dumping this much into you engine.

Run the highest octane you have available also btw.

Using your spark plugs is an extremely redneck way, and VERY unreliable. I would not recommend this. Just do it right, don't fu*k with detonation.

2012-04-21 08:35:19
Btw,if you are really that broke, another method you can try is checking if this only occurs at lower rpm. Try slightly loading the engine but bring the rpm up with light throttle position and see if it still ticks. The higher the engine rpm the more resistant your engine will be to detonation.

As stated the video is nearly impossible to identify the issue due to vibration. Detonation generally sounds like marbles, and will occur under a slightly rich condition and/or with your timing advanced too much for the engine configuration. Richen the mixture, see if that helps. I used to think it was a loose bolt in the engine bay....silly me.

Let me know what you find.

2012-04-21 11:50:38
I checked all the plugs and none of them have the dark spots..I forgot to mention I do have a wide band and it 11.4 wot
2012-04-21 15:47:18
thats too loud for detonation to me, idk i never heard detonation that loud when i listen to detonation in my engine i have to keep my ears really keen
2012-04-21 19:06:21
Originally Posted by Andrew(nj)
I do have a wide band and it 11.4 wot

What is your CR? Is this a ve block with vet head? Boost level at the manifold?

2012-04-21 19:30:40
Pull the wideband sensor (plug it) and run some 110 octane leaded and see if the noise is still there.
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