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Thread: Ve-t ticking before boost?new Video inside 3pg

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2012-04-20 12:52:08
Ve-t ticking before boost?new Video inside 3pg
Every since I slapped the vet head on ..I been getting a ticking sound only when I boost..very noticeable in fifth gear starting at 3psi ..the head does not tick at idle ..and I have revved up to 9k a couple of times to see if the ticking gets worse..but it doesn't ..any thoughts?

VID_20120419_201055.mp4 video by andrewnj300z - Photobucket@@AMEPARAM@@file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid643.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fuu152%2Fandrewnj300z%2FVID_20120419_201055.mp4@@AMEPARAM@@file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid643.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fuu152%2Fandrewnj300z%2FVID_20120419_201055.mp4
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2012-04-20 13:03:42
ummm pinging/detonation. It will sound like rocks in a tin can if its loud enough. You might want to adjust timing a bit. If this is a ve head on a de block you have to remember it bumped compression up so you need to back down timing all around. If your on a basic ecu, all you can really do for now is drop your base timing down. If you have a tunable ecu, go through and take timing away until you hear no more pinging
2012-04-20 13:04:08
Just to verify, you got it retuned right?
2012-04-20 13:08:59
Chain guides possibly
2012-04-20 13:15:02
Yes ..even with the old.tune it did this..timing is at 15 degrees ..93oct..I.doubt its the chain guides ..brand new tensioner ..i would think the chain would be damage or have plastic pieces floating around..oil psi is up near 100psi at high rpm
2012-04-20 13:53:25
Do you have your timing map on hand by any chance? Or degrees that your running up top/where it ticks? Just want to rule out detonation .

Also it may be the timing chair tensioner, if it's on it's way out it might not be able to keep the proper pressure
2012-04-20 14:23:37
Unfortunately I don't have a map of the jwt tune..and if it was the timing tensioner wouldn't it tick under any load? J honestly first thought it was my flex pipe then I wrapped it ..and it didn't make a difference
2012-04-20 14:33:27
Ah gotcha, I thought you were running a Calum ECU because of your thread (the first post says Calum).

Check spark plugs, look for little dark dots on the white material, that's a sign of detonation.
2012-04-20 14:36:09
Can't hear shit captain.

2012-04-20 16:07:45
Ill put up another video in the afternoon
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