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Thread: 20V vs N1 turbo comparo blabbery

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2012-04-16 20:38:09
I don't know about the B15's, but P11's definitely have much less toe in, mine has .10 instead of .25
2012-04-16 20:43:52
.12 in my b15 iirc but I didn't have much torque steer.
2012-04-17 00:38:26
Wow, B14s come with 1/4" of toe in. Yuck.
2012-04-17 01:43:06
Originally Posted by Keo
.12 in my b15 iirc but I didn't have much torque steer.

You running a spec V?

I am trying to narrow down the cause of the torque steer. the diff locks and you feel it.

The hubs were swapped to spec V units on my factory B14 control arms. The bushings are in great shape. Only 103k miles, but no cracking at all. Ball joints have recently been replaced. The rear beam is B15 Spec V unit as well. So pretty much everything is a Spec V at this point.

I think it is the transmission causing the torque steer. Not necessarily the knuckles or wheels. but I'd like to hear your experiences as well.
2012-04-17 03:34:27
Didn't get the chance to ship them today, was an all day meeting. I'll try to ship tomorrow .
2012-04-17 04:32:52
That is ok, because I am going to be in the middle of nowhere on the dyno date. So I won't be able to dyno on the 25th like I planned. But the dyno will come shortly after. I think I am going to take a few days off work. But I will get it done.

Anyone have any guesses on which will perform better? N1 vs 20V: The Great Debate!
2012-04-17 12:34:22
nope b15 trans, p11 final and Nismo Diff.
2012-04-17 12:42:01
It could be the HLSD causing all the torque steer, especially if it is the only thing that changed. But I do know for me torque steer got worse when I went from stock wheel/tire package to a wider and more grippy wheel/tire package with a stiff sidewall. It then got miles worse when I installed spacers up front which obviously mess with the scrub radius. For me, that scrub radius change was the killer. Not just torque steer, but it tramlines like a mother too. And this is with an aged VLSD.

Sidewall construction can have a lot to do with torque steer was well.
2012-04-17 12:43:42
With the 6262 what oil return fitting did you use?
2012-04-17 14:32:31
Using a oil drain from an old t4 turbo my buddy had laying around. We had to modify it slightly since I was in a time crunch. But it is just a barbed fitting for a hose to slide on. I have a silicon hose feeding a braided stainless line around the manifold and into the block.
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