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Thread: 20V vs N1 turbo comparo blabbery

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2012-04-14 06:08:09
FYI, for me via my data logs, N1 cams made 219whp while 20VE's made 222 whp. N1 cams didn't start making power until 7k rpm while 20VE's made power at 6k rpm.

This is on a GTiR manifold with a GTiR Turbo at 7 psi.
2012-04-14 06:30:13
Sounds like you are enjoying the car. I would too if I had a setup like yours

I believe the N1 will make similar or less peak power, alot less mid torque but the curve would be peaky. Never know 'till it's tried. SR16 had this effect when compared to the 2l cams.

BTW with the 6spd swap, is it clunky like the p11/b15 swap or smooth?
2012-04-14 06:38:45
Its nothing like the p11/b15 trans. Just glides into gear for the most part. At least with the 85w-140 gear oil in there.

Also you have to look at the size of coheeds turbo. The 16ve's and n1's love efficient turbo setups and now that hes got the larger turbine housing and still has the good tubular manifold I think the n1's will outperform his current 20v cams.

Guess we will see shortly. Send those cams out ASAP Vadim.
2012-04-14 06:48:34
Good to hear about the 6spd. N1 test should be interesting, I only have seen them on a log, I probably should have mentioned there.
2012-04-14 06:50:38
I am interested to see which will make more power. Not just peak, but useable power. I am going to start the pull at 2000rpm or so. that way we can see the 20V power delivery down low. Also, cam switchover point will remain at 4500rpm.

This should give a fairly good representation for drop in results. Tuning could change things one way or the other. But i am putting the flexibility of the JWT tune through its paces. We will see.

by the way, the turbo is the new CEA 6262. the turbine was redesigned for better flow. I am hoping both cams do well. Whichever ones perform better I will go with. but they gotta perform better all-around.
2012-04-14 06:59:31
Coheed you should get yourself an AEM gauge and monitor backpressure during the pulls. That will tell you just how efficient your setup is. Im using an AEM gauge on mine. You can get the buffer kit through T1racedevelopement that comes with weld on bung, fittings, line, and buffer to attach the map sensor to. Would be interesting to see what your getting for backpressures during the pull.
2012-04-14 14:35:31
Originally Posted by ashtonsser

Guess we will see shortly. Send those cams out ASAP Vadim.

I'll ship them on Monday through work, ground will take a week to get there though
2012-04-14 22:56:39
damn i just love when things fall into place in for the dyno charts
2012-04-14 23:40:34
I am going to see if I can setup a time on the 25th. Should be interesting to see what the motor does on the dynojet on both sets.
2012-04-14 23:52:19
Would like to see the VET cams tested on your new turbo and manifold setup. Do you still have them
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