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Thread: 20V vs N1 turbo comparo blabbery

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2012-04-14 03:00:20
20V vs N1 turbo comparo blabbery
Been driving the super sentra for the last few days. Been good weather out, just a bit of rain is all. The car feels great, and the power on 10psi is awesome. The Potenza RE01-R tires are grippy, but the car still struggles for traction on only 10psi once the boost hits. 2nd gear, 6000rpm, moving about 55mph the tires rip loose and stay spinning until just about 95mph or so.

given the 225-40r17 footprint, they def could use more grip for going straight. Perhaps I expect too much from them. The torque steer can be quite atrocious. Much worse than the 5 speed with the VLSD. I think it has more to do with the HLSD because you feel the front end lock together. It needs to be man-handled lol.

Driving the car gets about 230 miles per tank, which is very good. An improvement over the previous turbo and 5 speed. Cruising on the freeway there is zero drone. Just awesome, but I still want a quieter muffler.

The solid front motor mount is very stiff and transfers a lot of vibration to the chassis. This has caused a few bolts to work loose, namely the axle bracket screws.

I want to try the N1 cams now. When I get them I will spend some time on the dyno to see what they pull out in a direct comparison to the 20V cams. Hopefully, depending on whichever one wins, it won't impact the ability to sell the loser.

I wanna get N1 cams, because I just have to know which is better. But I refuse to pay top dollar. If anyone wants to make a donation to the cause, get me some N1 cams and I will spend the time on the dyno. Plenty of pics, and results. This will be my summer experiment.
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2012-04-14 03:13:12
sounds like your having hella fun man
2012-04-14 03:18:39
Check out my sig for some fun videos I can't post here.
2012-04-14 03:29:47
Glad your enjoying the car Jeremy. I love your car. Everything about is soo perfectly done. Its a great all around car.

Keep up the good work man. If I had a spare set of n1's I would toss them your way for sure. For now the ones I have are going into my motor. lol. ha ha
2012-04-14 03:39:21
Vadim has N1's!
2012-04-14 03:48:25
Vadim sell me your N1.
2012-04-14 03:53:16
You wanna borrow them? If you like them more we can talk about buying them, otherwise just send them back?
2012-04-14 04:17:28
Vadim needs 6 speed for the P11.

Send em to him Vadim. No better person to test them out. He always follows through.
2012-04-14 04:25:43
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Vadim needs 6 speed for the P11.

Send em to him Vadim. No better person to test them out. He always follows through.

Couldn't agree with you more on both things
2012-04-14 04:41:46
Let me know. I'll get ahold of the shop and setup a day for testing.
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