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Thread: What should I do?

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2012-03-19 02:12:45
Go get a known good motor and open it up. Its too easy to put it on a stand and put bearings,slap known to good pistons ect in it. You trying to turbo a used old 9.5:1 motor and you haven't done Anything to it maintenance wise. What are you expecting. Stop waisting you time. Not trying to be harsh but your either gonna learn or either keep working yourslef to death

*edit* he said I first lol ^^^^
2012-03-19 02:53:09
The tune has been spot on I guess I'm just having bad luck. I'll do the bearings for sure. The motor I'm getting is known to be good so I'll just take care of a few things and hope it runs strong. I need to open it up to tap the oil return regardless so its not much extra work.

The funny thing is. The first motor that had a bad ring is the one I replaced the bearings on. Then the motor with good rings had a bad bearing.
2012-03-19 03:24:33
It happens that way brudah! If it was me I would bought an avenit amd just sold all the turbo stuff.
2012-03-19 06:09:55
Or just spend a tiny bit extra on a nice JDM engine and be done with it.
2012-03-19 14:21:51
maybe do a full re-build on one of them...a little expensive but should give you the best reliability/confidence imo.

2012-03-19 15:41:20
Just build one of the 2 you have
2012-03-20 01:44:31
Like seriously once you have the engine on the stand.....do EVERYTHKNG YOU CAN AFFORD. Believe me its nice to know your motor is put together by your own hands amd that's its good to go on a cross country trip whenever. It gets old scraping that facking rtv off and applying more!
2012-03-20 02:28:57
Originally Posted by BenFenner
At least tear it down and inspect the bottom end. You can decide what to replace after seeing the stuff.

Yeeeup agreed
2012-03-21 01:09:28
I found a motor that was in my friends car. He rebuilt the entire bottom end 10k miles ago. Do you think I should buy it? I'm kinda leaning towards it. He is the owner of a shop so he does legit work.
2012-03-21 01:38:49
Put one together yourself man. Then youll know these motors in and out and you wont have to worry anymore
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