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Thread: Rebuild Kit

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2008-04-09 13:07:46
Rebuild Kit
I got an SR20DE for next to nothing and I have decided to turbo the thing. I have stripped the entire engine and thoroughly cleaned the block and in the process of cleaning the head and I will be tapping the block for the return and also tapping the block for the oil squirters as well. What I want to know is where can I get a full rebuild kit for the high port SR20 motors. I am going turbo so I am thinking to get the SR20DET high port rebuild kit. Can you let me know where I can get this and a cost? I will need all gaskets and seals, water pump and oil pump, tension chain and guides. Thanks in advance and tell me where I can look, preferably OEM stuff. I will be going with ACL bearings, DET pistons with either total seal rings or OEM rings, and an S15 T28 with a pulsar manifold, all braided lines, 480CC injectors, Z32 MAF, Emanage Ultimate and whatever else to match the setup. This is all going in an AWD B13.

2008-04-09 19:58:02
Pics of the AWD B13 (underneath please).

GregV should have all the parts you need.
2008-04-09 20:25:27
^x2 gregv is where it should be at
2008-04-09 20:30:38
where would you tap the block for oil squirters? pics please

I would also like to see the awd b13 :-)

If gregV dont have em. try Justin at InfinitiPartsusa.com/EverythingNissan.com
2008-04-13 11:26:26
there are kits on ebay for the gtir for gaskets
2008-04-13 23:35:44
the time and money it takes to drill and tap and mill a de block for det oil squirters is not worth it. skip the total seal rings and go with the oem rings.
2008-04-14 13:22:22
So what not to worry about the squirters? On the underside of the block you can see there are four flat areas where the squirters are usually. I was thinking to get the squirters from a damaged DET block and get the pitch from the squirter bolts and go to the local store and pickup a drill bit and tap and do it myself. I just did the tapping of the block and I don't see it being too difficult. I will take your advice on the oem rings. Also for reference, the DET rings and DE rings are they the same?
2008-04-15 16:12:34
Bump anyone know where I can get these items. I contacted GregV but not reply yet.
2008-04-15 16:20:39
Where's the pics?

Call GregV, great guy and can get anything you need, and won't BS you.
2008-04-15 16:37:25
I sent him a PM, I live in Trinidad so for now I will email. If not later on I will give him a call. I will get pics this week I got the camera working again.
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