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Thread: sr20det build questions

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2012-02-15 04:11:31
sr20det build questions
Got a good deal on a s14 longblock that needs to be bored out planing on going 87mm with 300zx tt pistons questions i have
1)is there any major mods needed to be done to the connecting rod?
2)what is the best headgasket to use?
3)anyone know where to get golden eagle headstuds (b16)?
4)is a deckplate 100% needed when boring the block

have done alot of research on this topic and any advice would be greatly appreciated
2012-02-15 05:01:42
No i believe the 300zx pistons go right on
Cosworth Headgasket
They are discontinued, you can find them used on honda-tech and hondamarketplace
A torque plate is not needed doing a bore and hone on a stock sleeve block. While it makes for a slightly more true round when the head is on, its not enough to be concerned and Ive never had an issue.

Some things to remember

If you have the block decked, be sure to have the oil pump decked with it to keep the surface perfectly flat

Id say if you had the money though to go with a forged piston instead of the 300zx but if this is a strict budget build then its your call. Only thing with the 300zx pistons is that they are heavy. You can get CP DET pistons for about 450 bucks shipped now in any size and compression you want. So its something to think about. Figure youll probably spend about 200 on 300zx pistons and new rings when you could spend a bit more and get pistons that are stronger, lighter, and in the size and compression of your choice.
2012-02-15 05:48:54
Thanks ashton i knew you would chime in and yea lookin into making this a budget build is the weight of the z32 pistons that much of a difference and is there a downfall to running them? Only looking to make 350whp would have used stock pistons but cant anymore
2012-02-15 05:52:55
Oh its doable on the z32 pistons again they are just heavy in comparison to even our stock pistons.

So if you want to save a couple hundred id say go for it. You wont have an issue making that power on them as long as the tune is good and you keep detonation away. But they will crack and break ringlands under detonation just like our stock ones will while a CP piston can take a lot of abuse from detonation if it occurs during the tuning process and so on. Again I like the peace of mind of the forged internal and the lightweight. Makes reving it up higher much less stressful on the internals.
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