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Thread: VE and Log Manifolds

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2012-03-04 16:57:00
Coheed...pm sent
2012-03-04 19:46:42
oo so now you guys are keeping all the secrets sneaky bastards i tell you
2012-03-04 19:56:40
I'm pmed to get more cam info....I didn't wanna thread jack
2012-03-04 21:06:57
Guys quit with the pissing contest, I'm trying to find scientific data, on why there would be such a significant difference.

Originally Posted by 200sx
Silly question....are the 20v cams same as VET cams or are.the different?

20V have more lift and overlap. You can find more details in this thread:
2012-03-05 06:14:30
The log manifold can work, but some things to consider when using a log:
Pick a larger turbine. The larger the turbine, the better the stock cams will work with a log. Something in the neighborhood of a GT35r/SC61/60-1 or a 6262. anything smaller than that and you could experience poor results. When using a T2 turbo, utilize the stock manifold. It has a split pulse design that helps reduce reversion effects.

Tuning, elevation, fuel used etc all play a role in this as well. So you cannot compare similar builds unless you take these into consideration.

I understand some of you guys are using log manifolds with your VVL with "good" results. I don't expect every build to have issues with reversion. And 500-600whp is achievable with a log manifold. It just isn't ideal for a small turbo.

I am not the first person to have issues with reversion. In my research trying to find out which cams to try, I ran into GonzoNX's website. He blogged about similar issues to what I was having, and those were solved with VET cams. I tried it and it provided substantial gains with my GT3076r. That is what worked for me, and it worked really well. Is there anyone else here running a GT30r on a 248* cam and making 440whp on 24psi?

I think we should compile a list of people using the log manifold successfully. I wanna know what fuel is used, the turbo size, cams, compression ratio etc. Remember a higher compression ratio will make more power with less psi. Less psi means less bp. So this effect is compounded slightly perhaps?
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