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Thread: VE and Log Manifolds

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2012-02-14 03:48:50
Originally Posted by Coheed
Perhaps the reversion issues we had are due to the power level we are operating at. For instance, reversion may not be an issue for 300whp. But what about 400whp?

Also, turbine size, compressor size, etc... all play a role in that.

That's the thing I wasn't pushing all that much power. Well under 250whp. But it all depends on the PSI, I was running 12 psi.

Precision 5431E CEA
3" Inlet, 2" outlet
Billet Wheel 55mm Inducer, 70mm Exducer
T31 Turbine
.63 A/R
2012-02-14 05:04:54
The Black NX that is making 42x is at 5.1k iirc, Gio is around 4.8k iirc. Similar log mani, same size turbo, similar engine setup, same injector set etc..

Basically twin setups but their maps are also quite a bit different.
2012-02-14 07:44:24
Well, that is impressive. I couldn't make any power with the log without the VET cams. JWT tune. But that same tune made 409whp on only 10psi now with the 6262. Maxxed injectors out at 19psi. I'll get it to the dynojet and see if I can't get some drag races in this year. It would be nice to see how it performs in street trim now.

Perhaps the log manifold argument comes down to design choice? I had the protech redesign... didn't work out too well.

But I couldn't be happier with the power the engine makes now. It spins 3rd slightly on wastegate pressure. It's a different animal. I feel like all the parts are finally working together, and I am doing it completely OBD2 legal with a JWT Rom tune. So I couldn't be happier.
2012-02-14 15:53:30
If my GT3076 would bolt up to the current log/downpipe, I would install it and see how it does again. But not sure if it's worth my time and effort to waste on a the log mani again.

Coheed I'm really am thinking the difference might be the ID of the weld El's in other logs.

Here is how much space there is on a DE log on a VE.

From tracing the gasket, here is how much would stick into the cylinder causing a wall.

Hence I shaved mine down the best I could with a Dremel. I now have a compressor and I could shave it a lot more with a carbide bur.

Now with my RWD flange, it looks like it sticks down into the cylinder a lot more.

Hence I shaved it down a ton more.
2012-02-15 07:51:22
I think the "Redesigned" log may just be the issue. Not necessarily wall thickness or anything like that. You basically have 3 cylinders going into 1 pipe>>>> to collector. Then cylinder 4 shoots straight into the collector.

Bad design. Could be the issue with why we both had problems. Still though, the overlap was the culprit. The manifold just didn't work well with the cams. I still look back at the VET cam setup and reminisce. The VET cams rocked for me. They boosted quick, responded well. And they worked awesome with the restrictive log manifold.
2012-02-15 13:55:14
Coheed if you are spinning third from a roll, then you are making some good power bro.
2012-02-15 14:30:49
Coheed my log is not the redesigned log, it's the original design.

Last edited by Vadim on 2012-02-29 at 14-43-37.
2012-02-15 18:46:16
Originally Posted by P10FTW
Coheed if you are spinning third from a roll, then you are making some good power bro.

I'll be getting some sick video posted at a later date. I'm too lazy. But it is awesome.
2012-02-15 20:11:00
post it, post it!
2012-02-29 14:45:15
Moved a bunch of posts from http://www.sr20-forum.com/turbo/53684-activating-vvl-boost.html to this thread.

Lets keep all of the VE and log manifold discussion here. I would love to see some dynographs of VE's with 20VE cams on logs too.
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