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Thread: Fresh off dyno T76 SR20DET

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2012-02-05 17:31:00
Good stuff man. Simple builds are the best.
2012-02-05 17:33:41
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Trust me, that turbo will love the JWT C2's. My head had stock valves, BC springs and retainers, twin groove shims, C2's, VE oil pump (your det oil pump will be fine) and was reving to 8700 no problem, took it to 9100 several times just to say i broke 9k and had no issues. Power was still climbing with the C2's and T67 with a t3 .82. made 486whp at only 18psi and still climbing at 8700 rev limiter.

The C2's will absolutely love that turbo, run them straight up, no gears. You will see a huge difference.

I'll look into them and see what's up
my buddy/tuners 510 has seen 9500 on a regular and doesn't even have dual grooves. Same as my head but with valves and a P&P
2012-02-05 17:35:43
Originally Posted by P10FTW
Good stuff man. Simple builds are the best.

Thanx the overall set up will stay the same for a while only things I will be changing is going E85 once I get back to Cali then make a sheet metal intake manifold and change over to a water to air intercooler I'm sure I can break 600 at the same psi with the manifold and water to air set up. E85 will help with spool and torque
2012-02-05 17:45:18
Video is not working??
2012-02-05 17:53:31
I'll load it to YouTube
2012-02-05 17:57:37
2012-02-05 18:07:27
What bov are you using. Sounds like you need a bigger one, lol. You had some back surge through the compressor at the end of the run.

Anyways sounds really good and love the car. Clean, simple and probably fun as hell.

Keep it up. Definitely look into the C2's man.
2012-02-05 18:11:04
Thank man I can't wait to take her out. I'm out in Texas right now so I won't be able to take her out till April.
It's a Tial 55mm bov I might have to double it up or up my ic pipes
Hot side is 2.75" cold is 3"
2012-02-05 18:15:06
Weird, it should more than be able to keep up with the pressure release. My tial knockoff 50mm bov had no issues at all, if you have an old style tial, i recommend getting the new Tial Q 50mm bov, it has a much greater relief capacity than the old style tials.
2012-02-05 18:24:40
Ya 50mm is what it is. Ya I don't have the Q maybe a softer spring I'm not sure. It's mounted about 10" from the TB
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