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Thread: silly question.

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2012-02-04 05:07:39
silly question.
Ok i've been looking around to try to find a little more info on my turbo an i've discovered something, all the Garrett gt2871r's come with a .60ar Compressor housing, well mine comes with a .70ar compressor housing.

So my question is, what does this mean to me? is having a bigger comp housing going to help in anyway? or hurt in any way?

I'm assuming there's no way to tell what wheels i have without taking the turbo apart..

but i did find this on the precision site:

*CID = Compressor Inducer Diameter
PTB205-5128 B 51mm PTE B (2 7/8"in/2"out) GT2871R 51.2mm – 53.1mm
PTB225-5128 B 51mm Generic B (3"in/2"out) GT2871R 51.2mm – 53.1mm
PTB305-5128 B 51mm PTE E (3"in/2"out) GT2871R 51.2mm – 53.1mm

so using that info i was checking out the links from the garrett site in this thread:


and the closest thing i could find to mine would be this


except mine has the .86ar turbine housing.

but if what the precision sites sayin is right, then i have 51mm in/ex wheels, instead of the 51.2in and 53.1ex wheels (i think they mean 53.9 but who knows) OR does it just mean the intake wheel?

so what the hell does all of this mean? i've heard people complain about the mixmatched wheels these turbos have, but then i've heard others praise them.. so does having matching wheels make it better? does any of this make sense or matter?

also what trim would that make it?

lol thanks guys.
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2012-02-04 06:41:11
ok did some more research.. first it helps if i call it by its proper name, PT5128 (since its a precision)

more info
------- Model Number----------------Compressor Wheel----------------------Turbine Wheel
PTB 205-5128 B - PT5128 ---- 2.008" (51mm)Ind/2.520" (64mm)Exd ---- 53.8mm Turbine Wheel 76 trim
PTB 225-5128 B - PT5128 ---- 2.008" (51mm)Ind/2.520" (64mm)Exd ---- 53.8mm Turbine Wheel 76 trim
PTB 305-5128 B - PT5128 ---- 2.008" (51mm)Ind/2.520" (64mm)Exd ---- 53.8mm Turbine Wheel 76 trim

it does not have the billet wheel tho, which maybe a good thing from what i read.

and i think the compressor housing is similar to a gt35r or a turbonetics to4b?
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2012-02-04 13:00:04
This will explain aspect ratio or a/r

Terminology | Turbobygarrett
2012-02-04 18:11:36
cool thanks
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